Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Meenakshi request Mishti’s help

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Vishamber and Rajshri will tell Kuhu and Mishti that they are going shopping. Abir will call their landline and Kuhu picks up. Abir will tell Kuhu that Mishti is not answering her calls and he needs to talk to her. Kuhu will lie to Vishamber and Rajshri that Abir is calling Mishti for engagement ring purchase and tell Abir that Mishti will meet him in the jewelry shop in front of the temple. Meenakshi will overhear Abir’s phone call. Vishamber and Rajshri will tease Mishti and postpone their shopping plan for later.

Mishti will scold herself for not seeing Abir’s missed calls as she waits for him. Rajshri will call Mishti and tell her not to do anything that will ruin their engagement. She will ask Mishti to wait until engagement and then she will also go with her to find the truth. Abir will come there worried and tell her he hurt his mother. Mishti will hug him and tell him that they should spend these two days together and worry about other issues later. He leaves.

Meenakshi will come to the temple and meets Mishti. She will show the burnt invitation card to her and tell her Mehul has made Abir change his surname. She will hold hands in front of Mishti and ask her to save her son. Later Mishti will reach home and is surprised to see Abir, Ketki and Nidhi. Nidhi will pull her aside to put Mehendi in her hands while others plan for a dance. Seeing Abir talking to Rajshri happily, Nidhi will get teary-eyed and tell Mishti they will Miss Abir when he leaves home. Mishti will tell her she will not let him leave and to keep it a secret for not. They all will dance happily while Mishti will book the cab. Ketki will playfully take away her phone and later gives it to Kuhu to give it to her. Abir will talk to Mishti and Kuhu asks why is she booking a cab and is she going somewhere.

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