Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Meenakshi’s hidden agenda

In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Mishti will find all items and in the last round both Abir and Mishti will find rings. Nanu will ask them to make the other wear it. They will exchange rings. Meenakshi will declare that she won but will give to Kuhu.

Kuhu will however refuse as it was her win and she deserve the coins. Nanu will feel sleepy and they all leave. Kunal will request for Abir’s help and take him to his room. Kuhu will bring Mishti to Abir’s room. Mishti will request Kuhu to forget all their indifference reminding her that they both worked hard to make the other’s love story successful.

She will ask Kuhu to start afresh and try to be like Abir and Kunal who are not related by blood either. Kuhu will agree on a condition that Mishti will never steal her limelight. Mishti will readily accept. Later Mishti will change into a nightwear and wait for Abir in bed.

Meenakshi will call Jasmeet in the pretense of dialing the wrong person and talks about Mishti, praising her. Jasmeet will get restless after her call. Meenakshi will think to use Jasmeet against the Maheshwari family as she is the only weak link who is upset with themselves Nishant.

Meenakshi will vow to make her sons realize that Kuhu and Mishti are not right for their family. Kuhu will enter her room and get surprised by the room décor.

Kuhu and Kunal will share a cute light hearted moment. Abir will get nervous about his first night and enter the room only to find Mishti asleep. He will put her head on his lap and recite a poem as she sleeps.

The next day Jasmeet will call Kuhu and try to provoke her against Mishti and compare Kuhu to Parul. Rajshri will call Mishti and is shocked to learn she was still sleeping. Mishti will realize she overslept and rush to get ready.

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