Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Mehul gets attacked at Abir’s birthday bash:

Star plus one of the most popular daily show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke has reached its high point with Abir’s father Mehul Kapadia’s entry. As per the current track, Mishti manages to find Abir’s father and brings him to Rajvansh house on Abir’s birthday. The Rajvansh family is celebrating Abir’s party in a grand celebration wherein the Maheshwari family is also invited.

In the upcoming episode, Mishti would surprise Abir by decorating the courtyard with lights and the two will be seen spending some romantic moments together away from everyone. Some villagers suddenly yell Mehul’s name and enter Rajvansh house with long sticks. Everyone would be shocked including Meenakshi. The villagers accuse Mehul of stealing their hard-earned money and running away. The angry men will then try to apply black powder on Mehul’s face to blacken him. Abir would come right on time and stop the men.

Mishti would try to persuade them to leave else she will call the police. However, the men surge forward and attack Mehul much to everyone’s shock. Kunal stops them from hurting his brother. Mehul is treated by a doctor. He would then reluctantly reveal that he is suffering from heart disease. This shocking truth will stun both families. Mehul would confess her want to clean his sins and spend his last days with his son.

Elsewhere Nanu asks Meenakshi if she is behind the attack on Mehul while Parul looks on. Abir barges in her room and would accuse her of the same. He will refuse to believe her as she has done these before, he gives an example of her using Mishti to insult her family in Kuhu and Kunal’s Haldi. He would go one step further and calls her a monster. Meenakshi seems shattered.

It will now be interesting to watch what Meenakshi will do. Is she really behind this? stay tuned for more updates