Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Mehul’s new ploy

Star plus Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is high on drama since the entry of Abir’s father Mehul who turned out to be negative.In the current track Meenakshi meets Maheshwaris to finalize Mishti and Abir alliance.

In the upcoming episode,Meenakshi will tell the Maheshwari’s that she want to fix their engagement date.Maheshwari’s will be surprised and agrees.Yashpal will say now they are one family and Vishamber says he is also his son now and calls him Babuji.Abir and Mishti will be happy.

Kunal will ask what is Jugnu and Nidhi doing outside Mehul’s room.Nidhi will blurt out that Meenakshi has gone to fix Abir alliance with Mishti due to her nervousness.This will shock Kunal and Mehul.Mehul will manipulate Kunal against Meenakshi.Kunal will be upset.

Kuhu gives sweets to Abir and Mishti.Kunal will come there and say no one informed him about this.Meenakshi will say this was a sudden program and hence she couldn’t inform him.Kunal will then say she forgot to bring the papers that she made.Kuhu will get worried thinking he got the divorce papers.

Meenakshi will be puzzled and will say she dint get any papers made.Abir will read the papers and say it’s a prenuptial agreement and Kunal thinks Mishti is marrying him for money.Kunal calls the lawyer inside.Kunal will say he did it as per Meenakshi orders.Abir will blame Meenakshi.Yashpal will feel dizzy and sits down.

Vishamber will say they will need sometime to think about this alliance.He will say before Mishti could even set foot in the house they are doubting her intentions and she will not get any respect there.Yashpal will say he understands.

Meenakshi will shout at Kunal for lying.He will say angrily that he did to put a stop to all this drama.She ruined his and Kuhu’s life to stop Mishti and now she is fixing their alliance.Meenakshi will say she is doing all this to stop Mehul from separating Abir from her.He is using Abir,Mishti and him as his pawns.She had planned to keep Abir with her by fixing his alliance with Mishti and Kunal spoiled it.Kunal will force Meenakshi to swear on him that Mishti will not step into their house,shocking Meenakshi.

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