Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Mehul’s Surprise for Abir

Star Plus popular shows Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is getting interesting day by day with the entry of Abir’s father Mehul. As per the current track, Mehul is residing with the Rajvansh family.

In the upcoming episode, Mehul would take Abir to Maheshwari’s house. Everyone seems surprised by his visit. Mishti calls Kuhu but seeing Abir’s car in their house she would forget her call while Kuhu answers and finds no response.

Mehul informs Vishamber that he wants to surprise Abir and would ask for Mishti’s hand. Everyone would be shocked including Abir and Mishti. Maheshwari’s at first hesitate to talk about it without Yashpal and Meenakshi but would eventually agree and their alliance is fixed. Kuhu listens to all this and worries.

Abir worries that their alliance is fixed without his nanu and he will be hurt. Mishti agrees and says Kunal will be angry. Mehul apologizes to Mishti and Abir and says he wanted them to be together so didn’t think about it.
Kunal tells Kuhu that he wants a time out from their fights. Kuhu worries about his reaction when Abir comes home and finally agrees with a condition she too would want timeout when her family has tension.

Everyone at Rajvansh house practice dandiya. Nanu would tell Kaushal that he want to surprise Abir by fixing his alliance with Mishti. It is time he talks to Meenskshi about it.

Abir arrives with Mehul and hesitantly informs everyone that Mehul has fixed his alliance with Mishti. Meenakshi is shocked while everyone else except Kuhu seems stunned with his announcement.

In the upcoming episodes, Meenakshi would yell at Mehul and refuse to accept the alliance. Kunal will promise Meenakshi that Mishti will not come into their house. Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite show.