Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Mishit Abir meets each other in the temple

Star Plus show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke will witness Mishbir’s moment with Abir Mishti meeting each other at temple.

Currently the show is witnessing high voltage drama with Abir, Kunal and Kuhu getting kidnapped and Mishti struggling to rescue them.

In the episdoes, Sappan ask Kunal and Abir to call Meenakshi. They both lie to him that she doesn’t have mobile. Sappan yells at Abir to sign the papers. At the same time Mishti gets Abir’s location and goes to save them. She also calls the police.

Kunal ask goons to leave Kuhu. Abir sees Mishti and ask her to go back. Mishti frees Kunals’ hands. Goon catches Mishti, Abir says he will sign the paper and in return free them up. Later, police arrest Sappan.

Abir gets upset with Mishti for breaking the promise. Mishti tells him that she came there to save them. Abir don’t reply to her. Mishti ask to forgive her.

Now in the upcoming episode will see Yashpal will secretly inform Mishti about Abir’s location. Meanwhile, Varsha will learn a shocking truth about Kuhu and Kunal. Later, Mishti will meet Abir in the temple. She will apologize to him.

What next happens in Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar ke will be interesting to watch.

Now as per the latest reports, sources shares that Kunal girlfriend will enter the show to spice up Kunal and Kuhu’s life. How Kunal will deal with the situation will be worth a watch. It is reported earlier, Kuhu likes Kunal and Abir Mishti gets to know about her feeling. The four of them dances on the tune before kidnapping.

How the Mishbir will help Kuhu Kunal, what will be Meenaskhi’s reaction after she will learn Kunal and Kuhu’s truth. Well, to know more keep watching the show.

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