Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Mishti and Abir on a romantic bus ride

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Abir will call Rajshri and tells her there is lot of work at NGO and they are working through out the night. Rajshri will say if its work then its fine. She will also speak to Mishti and scold her lovingly for not calling her whole day. Rajshri and Kuhu will decide to go for a night out.

Meenakshi will look worried and Parul will ask her what is the matter. Kunal will come and tell Meenakshi he will do anything she says but they have to stop Abir from leaving house. Meenakshi will tell him, Mehul is the reason for Abir leaving the house not Mishti. She will tell Kunal to stop fighting with Kuhu. Kunal agrees.
Mehul will talk to Bharat and tell him in two more days he will settle money. His eyes will fall on the silver krishna idol and he will try to steal it. Parul will see it and ask what is he doing. They will argue and Mehul will say in two days he will take away Abir and this house. He will ask parul to ask Meenakshi for explanation.

Abir and Mishti will spend some romantic moments by traveling on top of the bus back to Rajkot. Their bus will stop in marriage bureau. Its the only marriage bureau which opens at night. Abir will ask Mishti to marry him right now. He will worry something will go wrong and hence want to marry her right away. Mishti will talk sense into him and tell him its not right they will not have any problem now. She will tell him that if someone ask them to sacrifice their love for others happiness they will not do it. They will hug each other. Mishti will think to herself Abir will not leave his house and Mehul will not hurt him.

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