Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Mishti gets closer to finding the truth about Mehul 

The audience of Star Plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke will soon be witnessing major drama and twists with the reveleation of Abir’s father Mehul.In the upcoming episode,Mishti shows the picture of Parul to villagers.Pandit will see the photo and tells Mishti that Parul used to come to temple everyday when she was pregnant and loved the Kheer offering.

Mishti will be confused as pandit said the same about Mehul’s wife.A woman will ask Mishti to help as someone stole her phone.Mishti will attack the thief with a plate and gives the phone.She will realize it is her phone and tells the woman.The woman will tell her that it is her phone as she left it at the temple.When she switch it on,she will see the photo of Meenakshi and Mehul and ask Mishti how she knows this man.She will tell her that it is her sister Parul’s husband Mehul.Mishti will be shocked.

Rajshri will call Mishti and finds her phone to be out of network coverage.She will figure out Mishti is in Rajgarh.Rajshri will also find a note Mishti has left for her,wherein she explain her need to find the truth for Abir’s sake.Kunal will tell Abir that they will take a time out and no fighting but instead they will celebrate the day with happiness.Abir gets happy.

The woman named Lalita will tell Mishti that Parul got married to Mehul and when he got a job in Rajkot,he left Rajgarh.Parul was seven pregnant that time when they heard news that Mehul is facing some court trial.Parul left to Rajkot to search for him and never returned.She will ask Mishti if she also know Parul’s child.Mishti will tell no and thinks Parul don’t have any kids.Lalita will tell Mishti they had decided to name the child as Kunal.Mishti will try calling Abir but Police will come and take them to record statement.Mishti will try calling Abir from police station and will see a file named Mehul Kapadia and gets shocked.

Keep watching the show to k ow more and stay tuned for updates.