Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Mishti gets hold of police complaint against Mehul

Star Plus popular daily show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is gearing up for yet another major drama and reveleation.As per current track Mishti reaches Rajgarh and learns a shocking truth that Parul is Mehul’s wife.In the upcoming episode,Mishti will divert the police officer and deliberately make the files fall on the floor.She will take Mehul’s police complaint.Mishti will learn from the complaint that Mehul has started a chit fund in Abir Kapadia name in Rajgarh and has looted 16 crores from 101 families.Mishti will realize once Abir changes his surname there is a chance of police arresting him.

Rajvansh family will begin celebration with dance.Kuhu will go to Rajvansh house.Meenakshi will take some papers and starts to leave but the entire family will take her bag and make her a part of celebration.Mehul will observe everything.Mishti will call Abir’s mobile from landline and tell him the entire truth unaware that it was Mehul who picked Abir’s phone.Mehul will get nervous.Abir will come to the room and see his father look sick.He will cheer him up and show him the papers that will officially change his surname.

Lalita will ask Mishti if Abir is Kunal’s younger brother.Mishti will get confused,if Parul is Mehul’s wife then how come Kunal is younger.She will text Abir asking him to meet her immediately.Ketki will take Abir away and Mehul replies to the text like Abir and learns her whereabouts.He will call someone and tell him that he will send a girl’s photo.

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