Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Mishti learns the truth

In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Nishant will tell Mishti he want to talk about Abir but Mishti will assure him that she is done waiting for Abir and she is not going to change the decision. Abir will call Mishti and Nishant would think if she answer his call, he would tell her truth otherwise no.

Mishti will disconnect. Abir will throw the paint on the easel he was painting , he will try to rub it off and Nishant calls and Abir, Kunal listen on speaker to Mishti telling Nannu that she don’t care about the reason Abir broke up but she has moved on and Abir is her past. Nishant will remind Abir to keep his promise. Abir will tell Kunal, that Nishant didn’t tell truth and decide to tell himself.

Meenakshi will meet Nishant during as jogging and offer to help to keep Mishti and Abir away. She will tell him only because of her that Mishti is now marrying him. Nishant deny. Mishti and Kuhu dance and sing about bidaai and girl going away making them all cry.

Later Kunal will talk in call loudly that Abir met with an accident. Mishti will hear and run towards the spot Kunal mentioned and find Abir. She will run and hug him crying worried for him. Abir will ask her to decide on basis of truth and tell the reason behind breakup. Mishti will cry and say it means he don’t hate her.

Abir will hug Mishti and tell her he could never hate her and whatever she decide, he will continue to love her always. Mishti will realize her wedding is tomorrow and run away crying. Nishant will see it but thinks Mishti chose him and she belong only to him and not Abir.

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