Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Mishti lies to Abir

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, the pandit will ask Mishti if she found the person she was looking for. Abir will ask pandit who was she looking for while Mishti gets nervous. Pandit will tell Abir due to his he forget a lot and finally recollect and tell him his name is Mehul. Mishti will ask Pandit not to tell Abir she came here to check about Mehul. Abir overhears this and will be shocked. He will refuse to listen to anymore lies of Mishti and angrily leaves. Pandit will tell her, that there is a mela day after tomorrow and people who migrated from this village will visit, they might know more about Mehul.

Kunal will overhear Kuhu talking on phone thanking her friend for pretending to be a journalist. Kunal will surprise everyone with a cake saying its their two month wedding anniversary and cuts cake with Kuhu. He will smear cake on her face while pretending to tease her. Kuhu will leave from there. Kunal will tell Meenakshi he has important work and leaves. Mehul will come there and threaten Meenakshi. He will accuse her of spying on him in Rajgarh. Meenakshi will tell him she has no time for his threats and his nonsense.

Kuhu will go jogging and Kunal comes there. He will tell her that divorce papers will reach her house tomorrow. Kuhu will bravely tell him its okay. Her family will cry and get sad but they will support and stand by her. She will taunt him that once the truth about divorce comes out his family will be angry with him and he will be left alone.

Abir will tell himself that if Mishti lies about something she must have a reason. He scolds himself for asking her reason when she is not ready. Mishti will tell him that she wanted to surprise him, hence came here to look for a place for their wedding as Abir din’t get to spend time here in his childhood. Abir will believe Mishti and hugs her. He will then tell her their engagement is fixed for day after tomorrow. Mishti will be in a dilemma as she had to go the mela.

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