Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar ke: Mishti reunites Abir with his Father

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar ke has been witnessing some major drama these days and today we will be seeing Abir confronting his mother for sending him out on a wild goose chase. After Meenakshi’s acceptance of sending men behind him, Abir decides to leave the house angry and hurt. In spite of his family trying to stop him, he will refuse to stay back. Before leaving Abir makes Kuhu promise that she will not leave his family and always be there with them. He also asks her not to tell any of this to Mishti.

As Abir was about to step out, Mishti arrives at the Rajvansh house and announces that she is going to give him the best birthday gift of his life and points towards the door. Mehul makes an entry as Mishti informs Abir that Mehul is his estranged father. While the rest of the family stands back in shock, Abir and Mehul share an emotional moment as they hug each other and Abir takes Mehul’s blessings.

Mehul apologizes to Yashpal and regrets his bad luck of not knowing the existence of one more son. Parul and Meenakshi will exchange glances in shock. Mehul asks Kunal to hug him while a stunned Kunal will be rooted in place and refuse to move. It will be seen that Meenakshi will let Mehul stay in a guest room much to the shock of everyone.
Later Parul apologies to Meenakshi for not being with her on her difficult times and the two tearfully reconcile. Meenakshi informs Parul that Abir is the reason for her decision to let Mehul stay in the house for Abir’s sake.

Kuhu and Abir share a light-hearted moment regarding Kunal and his anger. And Abir is seen happy. It will now be interesting to know what will Meenakshi plan to make Abir hate Mehul.