Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Mishti slaps Kunal

Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, is keeping the audience at the edge of their seats with a major twist. In the upcoming episode, Mishti and Abir dances at the dandiya event and Kunal will see them together and will get angry. Abir will finally manage to make Mishti wear the Kamarband. Kuhu will come in search of Kunal and finds him talking to a lawyer. She will hear the conversation and gets shocked. Kunal will hand over the divorce papers to Kuhu and tells her that he has had enough of the drama and he is ending the biggest drama of all, their marriage. He will tell her that he does not care even what she says about him,as more he is humiliated the less chance of Mishti marrying Abir.

Kuhu will be shattered and almost faints, Mishti will see her and is shocked to see her crying badly. Kuhu will then tell Mishti the entire truth of her marriage and that Kunal is ending their marriage to stop her from marrying Abir. Mishti will be shocked to realize that Kunal has been acting all along.

An angry Mishti will then go to Kunal and slaps him in front of everyone. Abir will be stunned. Mishti will explain to Abir that Kunal betrayed Kuhu and that the entire marriage was a sham. She will also tell him that Kunal is divorcing Kuhu to break them up. Abir will get shocked to hear Mishti explain that Kunal never loved Kuhu.

Abir will remember how Kunal ran away before the wedding. Mishti will get shocked that Abir knew Kunal ran away and dint tell her. Kunal will accept the truth and tell Abir that he married Kuhu due to Mom’s compulsion. Mishti will ask Kuhu to come home with her. Kuhu will refuse her and will tell her that whatever she decides it will be her decision and will leave from there tearfully.

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