Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Mishti to Join Hands with Meenakshi to protect Abir

Star Plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is high on major drama with Mishti finding the truth about Mehul.In the upcoming episode,Mehul and Meenakshi will have an argument about the legal papers and their deal.Seeing Abir,Mehul will pretend sick and make it look as if Meenakshi is making him go away .Abir will once again misunderstand and blames Meenakshi.A dejected Meenakshi will leave.

Vishamber will be shocked to know from Rajshri that Mishti is not home since morning.He will decide to tell truth to Abir.Meenakshi will talk to her lawyer on phone near a highway to keep the transfer documents ready.Mishti will come there shocking Meenakshi.She will tell Meenakshi that she found proof to prove Mehul is a fraud and will show her the police complaint.Seeing Mishti’s worry and love for Abir,Meenakshi will hug her calms her down.She will tell her to go back home for engagement ceremony and not to tell anything to Abir.She will tell Mishti that they are now together and will stop Mehul hurting Abir.She will ask Mishti to keep an eye on Mehul and not let him go until engagement.

Abir will suspect something is wrong and goes to Mishti room and finds her there.Rajshri,Kuhu and Vishamber is relieved.Mehul will be shocked to see Mishti all decked up.Meenakshi will call Kaushal and ask him to get home immediately and to bring their lawyer with him.Mishti will trick Nidhi and Ketki and tells them not to let Mehul go anywhere as she has planned a surprise.

Mehul will try to leave but gets stopped by Nidhi and Ketki.He will try to make excuses to escape.Kuhu will scold Mishti for scaring Rajshri with her disappearance.When Mehul try to leave Mishti loudly calls him to be with them during ceremony.Nidhi will ask Kunal to perform a ritual of tying Peacock feather to Mishti’s hand with his one hand.Kunal will perform the ritual much to everyone surprise.

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