Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Mishti upset with Kuhu

In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke,  Abir and Mishti will present their dishes in front of the family. Abir will tell them he made Kheer as it was the first dish he had at Maheshwari house. Mishti will complain that he is trying to influence judges. Meenakshi will support her and asks her to choose her judge. Mishti will choose Kuhu who is surprised at her request. Vishamber and Rajshri will taste the kheer and declare it the best.

Mishti will reveal that she made walnut brownie in mug. Rajshri will explain that when Mishti first came to their house it was Kuhu’s birthday and they forgot to even get a cake. Kuhu was upset and Mishti had made her this same brownie on that day. Kuhu will taste it and declare it to be perfect. Mishti will hug her happily. Meenakshi will ask Kuhu to make Mishti wear the necklace. Kuhu will nervously protest that it wont match her dress.

At everyone’s insistence Kuhu will take the necklace and it falls broken. Flashback shows Kuhu throwing it down in anger and later realizing her mistake. She had broken her nail while trying to close box. Everyone will be stunned. Meenakshi will be shocked that its broken as the last time she checked if was fine. Kuhu will tell her she will get it fixed and leave with the box.

Mishti will notice Kuhu nail and follow her to her room and confront her about it. Meenakshi will be happy that her plan worked. Mishti will be upset with Kuhu for ruining her gift which was given yo her as shagun. Kuhu will try to tell her she didn’t do it deliberately.

They will pretend to hug when Rajshri come to room. At the dinner table Meenakshi will tell them tomorrow is Mahashivratri and is special for Abir. Abir will say Mishti will do Pooja this time. Mishti will seek help of Park and deny Kunal when he offered to help with Kuhu.

Later Mishti will tell her not to involve in organising Pooja. On the other hand Kunal will ask Kuhu to help in Abir’s Pooja.

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