Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Mishti’s Tough Decision

In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Nishant will walk in inebriated and everyone is shocked. He will shout at Abir that Mishti is his and no one can take her from him. He is unable to walk but say to Abir that he will neither leave Mishti nor hurt her or make her cry like he does. He will ask Mishti not to leave him and faint. Mishti will be torn. Jasmeet will break down as Nishant has gone back to drinking alcohol after ten years and blame Mishti. A doctor will examine Nishant and take his blood test. Abir will get the medicines. In his room, Nishant is troubled with the alcohol smell from his clothes and tell himself not to fall prey to alcohol again as he did all this for Mishti. Flashback will show its Meenakshi’s who had sprinkled alcohol over Nishant clothes and ask him to pretend like he is heavily drunk. Nishant will feel guilty for playing with his family feelings but tell himself he need Mishti.

Jasmeet will plead with Vishamber crying and Mishti will assure the wedding will take place today and request elders to let her talk to Abir one last time. Mishti will tell Abir that its too late and now she can’t lose her family or hurt Nishant. Abir will ask her to elope with him but Mishti deny stating what if Nishant start drinking again. She will tell him its time for her to choose family and ask him to let her go. With heavy heart Abir leave her. Abir see Nishant in balcony and suspect he is lying as he was unconscious.

Meenakshi will get blood report of Nishant from doctor which shows no alcohol in his body. Abir and Kunal will go to hospital to check if Nishant is lying. Meenakshi hear Kunal talking to Kuhu and collide with someone. The report fall from her file. Abir step on it by accident and is shocked.

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