Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Nanu tries to persuade Mishti to convince Abir:

Star Plus popular shows Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is keeping the audience engrossed with its interesting twists. In the upcoming episode, Mishti and Abir will spend some light-hearted moments together where Mishti will get happy seeing her painting. Abir will share his dreams about their future in the new house while Mishti feels guilty.

Meenakshi will threaten Mehul that he has time till engagement to convince Abir. Mehul will retort that he also has another son Kunal whom he will use as his shield. He will tell Meenakshi he is not leaving Rajkot.
Mehul leaves to meet Abir,the goon will come and ask for the money due. He will point out that he has to pay others and he had already lent him lots of money for his flight tickets, hospital admission. Mehul will ask him to wait a few more days.

Mishti will tell Abir they should take Mehul for a checkup. Abir will tell her that he booked an appointment with a specialist in Mumbai but couldn’t find his reports. Mishti will ask him isn’t it strange he doesn’t have a single report if he is in serious condition. Abir will favor Mehul that he lived in poverty but now he will change all that and leaves.

Mehul will arrive at the new house and mention he lived in Rajgarh. Misti will say then they can have an engagement there. Mehul will panic but convince Abir that now they should not go against Meenakshi. Later Abir will ask Mehul and Mishti to compete in pani puri competition. Mishti will ask Mehul isn’t spicy and junk foods banned for a heart patient. Mehul will cleverly change the topic and Mishti’s suspicion arises stronger.

Nanu and Kaushal will come there and Mishti will ask Abir to go with his father as Nanu came to talk to her. Nanu gives her bangles and says it belonged to his wife. Meenakshi had asked him to give it to her. He will request her to change her mind and not let Abir leave the house. Mishti cries but will ask Nanu to trust her and that whatever she is doing is for Abir and she can’t back out. She leaves tearfully and books a cab to leave early the next morning to Rajgarh.

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