Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Parul slaps Kunal

In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke,Abir will tell Nanu and Jugnu that the letter was exchanged and repent his mistakes for hurting Mishti. He will confess that he love her when Nanu ask him. He will decide to apologize and win Mishti back if she forgive him. He owe that he won’t concede defeat. Parulwill tell Kunal she is ashamed of him. Meenakshi will intervene but Parul will tell her this time its between mother and son and no one would intervene. WhenKunaljustifies and talks about Mishti has nuisance Parul slap him and tell him the truth about Meenakshi condition to Abir and that Abir chose him instead of Mishti. Parul remind him that Abir loves both him and Mishtibut sacrificed his love for him. Kunal will be stunned. The next day Mishti goes cycling. Nishant will be restless but Mishti come home and gift a small house to Jasmeet made of icecream sticks as a thanks for accepting her.

Kunal will wake up and ask Jugnu if he knows Abir loves Mishti. Jugnu will tell him that yes he had an idea and tell him that Abirloves him too that is why he chose him. Kunal realised his mistake and it dawn on him that Abir would want Mishti back in his life as he love her. Varsha call Kunal and invite him for Mishti’srokha as Kuhuforgot. Kunal will be shocked. Abir will take blessing from Meenakshi and tell her that he has only been breathing for past three months and now he is going to live and no longer hide his feelings. He goes to win Mishtiback. Meenakshi stop him and Abir ask her to back off. Kunal tell her if she don’t back off they will tell Maheshwari’s that she was the one who made him mix alcohol in Nishantdrink. Meenakshi will be stunned. Kunal take Abir side and tell him he no longer need to choose as he chooses Mishti for him. They go to Maheshwari house together.

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