Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Rajshri and Vishamber’s grand Anniversary Party

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Vishamber and Rajshri will be surprised to see the surprise party and delighted to see Mishti. Rajshri will thank Ananya for getting her the best gift. Abir will dream about Mishti and him making food at the kitchen while romancing each other. He will find Nanu, Nidhi and Ketki in his room trying to video call Kunal to see the happening at the Maheshwari house.

Nidhi will tell him about the function at Kuhu’s house and they are not invited. Abir too will join them to make them happy. They call Kunal andKetki to pester him to show the decoration while Nidhi asks him to show Jasmeet to see what attire and jewelry she is wearing. Kunal will show the decors and about to inside when Kuhu collides with him and his phone falls down. Ketki and Nidhi are disappointed seeing the call disconnected.

Abir will tell them not to disturb Kunal and assure he is cool. Nidhi will tell Ketki that Abir seems to move on. She will worry about Mishti as she will be lost in his memories and be sad. Ketki will tell her she had not called her.

Kuhu will stop Kunal from going inside the house and ask him to leave. She will tell him no one is expecting him to attend the function as his family and hers are not in talking terms. He will tell her he came to wish them. Kuhu will remind him its not his family and they are not the happy couples. She will tell him not to forge fake ties with her family only to hurt in the end. They will argue and Kunal will leave angrily.

Mishti will assure everyone she is perfectly fine and moved on. She will tell Jasmeet she even has no problem with them taking Abir’s name or even meeting him. She will leave for her room pretending to be tired and cry when alone.

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