After a long break due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Maharashtra Government has given permission to the production houses to resume the shoot of serials in a close environment, following the precautionary measures. Star Plus popular series Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaarke is all set to come back really soon with fresh episodes as well.

Earlier it was seen that Kunal and Abir tricked Mishti and Kuhu faking their kidnapping in order to make them reach a resort where they planned to spend a holiday together. Meenakshi was unaware of this and was trying to contact Kunal since he needs to handle a deal. She got hurt when she came to know that her sons left with their wives without telling her anything whereas whole the family knew about it.

The four were having a lot of fun when Mishti called Ketki but Meenakshi ended up picking the call and asked her to make sure that Kunal comes back home to sign the papers for the deal. Kuhu got angry on Mishti blaming her for ruining her holiday deliberately and wanted Abir and Mishti to go back home with her and Kunal too but Mishti refused. This led to an argument also between Mishti and Abir since he didn’t want Kunal to leave alone therefore he went with his brother leaving Mishti alone in the resort. However, both of them realized their mistakes and want to solve their differences.

Will Abir and Mishti sort out their problems? Will Meenakshi try to separate the two again?

All the questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To have latest updates about your favourite show, stay tuned to this space!