Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Varun and Ketki’s Chandli Matli function

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In the upcoming episode of Star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke,Abir will thank the person who stopped the car between the lorry and Mishti.The guy will get down and scold the lorry driver for his carelessness.The guy will ask if Mishti is okay then Abir talk about his sister’s marriage getting  fixed today.The guy will say that his marriage is getting fixed today as well.They will all realize he is Varun and they get introduced to each other.Meenakshi will scold Kuhu for spiking Abir’s coffee and demand that from today all will do as she says until Ketki gets married.She will tell Nidhi that both sisters have ruined the happiness.Kuhu will again blame mishti.

Mishti and Abir will bring Varun and all are shocked.Varun will tell them that he came early to surprise Ketki.Mishti and Kuhu will take Ketki to her room to get ready.Again Kuhu will start blaming Mishti.Nidhi will ask Mishti to leave and take rest to avoid further drama.Mishti will leave upset.Meenakshi will tell her to stay in room if unwell instead of going away in midst of function.Mishti will start to apologize saying she is reason for Abir staying away.But Abir will come and change topic asking Meenakshi not to accuse Mishti then take her away.Meenakshi will vow to keep her son whatever it takes.

Varun family will come and Meenakshi will ask Mishti to do aarti as elder daughter in law of the house.Mishti will panic holding thai seeing sindhoor red.Abir will calm her and keep her relaxed.The chandli matli function begin and Varun’s mother will say they are happy after long time.Nidhi will tell Abir that Varun’s brother died in an accident 3 months ago.Mishti will get nervous and drink water.Varun will start coughing and Mishti get water for him but slips in carpet and hit Varun’s head with glass.

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