Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 11th December 2019: Abir gets worried about Mishti and her well being

Episode begins with Mishti is happy and celebrating that she can be able to break the ice of Abir and his reality is out in the open. Another side, Meenakshi is asking Kunal that she is standing here from a very long time and he is just making her going round and round but no one is looking for Abir in real. She says she is getting worried about Abir. Kuhu comes out and says that he is just with me and I don’t know where he went and just tries to manage the situation when Abir comes there and says who is annoying my mother so much. He says to his mother that he is doing completely fine when Meenakshi says that you are drunk. She asks him if you are fine or not?

Abir says you tell me if I am fine because you are my mother and a mom do you know when her child is fine and when he is not. He then says to all that my mum has decided for me that I am happy and fine so I am fine. Kuhu covers up by saying he is actually helping me in taking away the bottles and I mistakenly pour one of them on him. Kuhu takes Abir inside when Kunal says to his mother that it is quite late in the night and she should leave for home as it is a long way from here. Meenakshi left and before leaving she says to Kunal take care of Abir and make sure he remains fine.

Nishant noticed Meenakshi and he goes to has a word with her. He indirectly says to her that she should give space and freedom enough to her kids for them to expand their wings. Meenakshi says discipline is really needed in life because without discipline a person can’t function. Nishanth says discipline is necessary but it shouldn’t be the boundary of a person. Nishant and Meenakshi had a heated argument with each other and she left. Nishan din forms mein Mishti that she is going in the right direction and both of them celebrate her birthday by cutting a cake. Mishti thanks him for always be by her side and being supportive.

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Abir had a breakdown in his room feels helpless he had tried enough to remain strong in front of Mishti but at the end he gave up and falls weak. Kunal asks Abir if the presence of Mishti is bothering him? Abir says to him that I used to love her a lot and then she tells me a lie and I had to break up with her so it’s evident that I will feel a bit bad but it’s ok if you are with me I can overcome anything. Kunal feels sad to see his brother in a vulnerable state. He says to Kuhu that if my mum gets to know about Mr Bean here then it will create a best I just don’t want any more problems.

Mishti and Nishant made a plan with each other and Mishti goes away from the resort so that Abir can come to look for her. Abir is getting worried about Mishti and he thinks where she can go? Nishant messages Mishti that part 1 of the plan is already done, Mishti is walking by the street when she got a call from Kuhu. She was talking to her over the phone and is step slips and she falls down.

Precap – Abir finds Mishti in an unconscious state.