October 16, 2019
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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 11th July 2019 :- Kunal and Kuhu to get hitched

The episode starts with Abir and the while Rajvansh family sees the Maheswari senior at their place. Abir welcomes them when Yashpal asks Vishwambhar how you come here? Meenakshi replies I invited them over here. Meenakshi says whatever happens between our family is not less than a storm, now I realised with time that life has no guarantee.

Here Kuhu and Mishti reach home when Bua asks them where you two go in the morning? Mishti says we gone for drinking tea. Kuhu asks where are the house people? Bua says I can’t tell you all that. Kuhu tricked her and she revealed to them that Maheswari family has gone to Rajvansh house on Meenakshi’s call. Kuhu wants to go there but Mishti stops her.

Here in the Rajvansh house all set in the hall. Meenakshi asks Abir to take rest but he insists to stay there. Nanu pulls his leg saying that your in-laws are here, where will you go? Meenakshi talks about Kunal feelings for Kuhu with Vishwambhar ji. She talks about the past happenings and says last night I give the whole thing thought and realized my family should not get broken because of my ego. She requests the Maheswari family with folded hands to forgive her deeds and for the sake of happiness of both families, kids let’s agree for the alliance. Yashpal, Abir, and Parul get happy and Varsha feels relieved for her daughter. Rajshri asks Meenakshi to think once again about the decision. Kunal asks Meenakshi if she is sure about it? Meenakshi agrees and asks Visambhar and family about their verdict about the alliance of Kunal and Kuhu.

Vishambhar asks for permission to discuss among themselves about it, Yashpal agrees and ask them to go ahead. Kuhu asks Chachi to call Varsha and get some information but she denies at first but later on Mishti convinced her to do so. Here Vishambhar and all are discussing the matter. Where Rajshri says forget about Meenakshi and think about Kuhu’s happiness only. On the other hand, Varsha receives a call from home. Visambhar asks Kuhu about her call, she says from much earlier it was Kunal whom I liked.

Abir calls Mishti and asks whether he is excited or not? Abir says I am but mom changed her decision overnight which is odd according to me. Mishti says she is your mother, Abir says yes she is my mother and no phone signal to change overnight due to the storm. Mishti tries to explain the situation when Abir asks did you take any big decision or changed something drastic in life? Bua comes and informs Viswambhar says yes for the alliance. Mishti gets excited and calls Kuhu, Abir asks her to come soon there with Kuhu so that he can make her meet with his painting girl.
Mishti makes some excuses for not going there but Kuhu forces her to come with her. Here Vishwambhar thanked Abir for being a cupid in the relations. Bua says Meenakshi agrees for the alliance overnight cause Kunal wants to elope with Kuhu otherwise. Here Rajshri says to Meenakshi that relation which builds with troubles lasts long, Parul congratulates Varsha.

Mishti and Kuhu come in the Rajvansh house. Everyone gets happy, Varsha says to Shaurya that our daughter is looking so happy after long, she thanked Rajshree.
Mishti tells Ketki I am so happy that Kuhu’s alliance is fixed now. Everyone gathers in the hall for doing shagun ceremony. Mishti is informed about an urgent call from Nanu to meet. She gets surprised to see Nanu below with family members. Abir drags her in a room and yaariyaan plays in the background… Abir asks her don’t you want to see the painting? Abir asks her to come with him.

Precap : Kunal provokes Kuhu against Mishti and Abir. Mishti realizes her feelings for Abir.

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