Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 11th November 2019: Mishti and Meenakshi join hands together against Mehul

Today’s episode with Vasha asking shall we start engagement ceremony. Mehul says to Abir he will be back soon. Abir thiks Mehul felt bad because everyone ignored him. Varsha ask Abir to sign on the paper as they want to donate few things in the charity on his name.

Meenakshi confronts Mehul and says to him that she will give money but in return she asks him to give back him the papers that read he will leave Abir’s custody. Abir comes and ask Mehul about the papers. Mehul does acting in front of Abir and Abir accuses Meenakshi for always thinking about her happiness. Meeanskhi gets emotional and says to Abir that if he believes that she shouldn’t attend his engagement than she will leave. Mehul gets happy.

Mishti meets Meenakshi. She tells to Meenakshi that she found the clue against Mehul and about his fraud. She accuses Mehul for playing with Abir’s emotion and gets emotional. Meenakshi hugs Mishti. Mishti ask Meenakshi to protect Abir from Mehul’s trap.

Vishambhar decide to tell Abir about Mishti that she is missing. Meenakshi tells to Mishti that Abir asked her to go away from her engagement but now she got a ray of hope.

Vishambhar about to tell Abir about Mishti but Kuhu interrupts. Other side, Meenakshi asks Mishti to go back home and keep Mehul engaged till she returns with a plan to throw Mehul out from their house and life. Mishti says to Meenakshi that she will support her. Meenakshi blesses Mishti. Abir gets restless to meet Mishti and rushes to meet her. He gets relived seeing Mishit. Mehul stands shocked seeing Mishti.

There, Meenakshi prays in front almighty and says she didn’t lose but her victory is half complete and now she will fight back Mehul. She calls someone and asks to meet her. Mishit comes down for the engagement ceremony. She further asks Nidhi to not let Mehul leave the place by any means as Meenakshi wants the same. Nidhi agrees to her. Mehul about leave and Nidhi blocks her way. Mishti looks at Mehul from far.

Later, Nidhi ask Kunal to start the ritual as engagement will start after that only. Kunal gets agree to perform the ritual. Mehul about to leave but Mishti stops him. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Mishti performs dance. Meenakshi confronts Mehul and Abir and Kunal comes from behind and stands shocked.