Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 13th November 2019: Mehul plays a trick on Abir

Today’s episode starts with Meenakshi telling Mehul that Mishti escaped from goons and reached the engagement ceremony and seeing her,he has realized his truth will be exposed anytime and hence he has come here and want to vanish with the property papers.She further tells him she is not in a hurry let Abir come see his father.Once Abir comes to know your ugly truth he will never join his name with yours.This property was not yours twenty years ago and not going to be yours now.She tells him he will call the police.Mehul angrily throws away her phone.
Mehul taunts her by asking her to recall how he cleverly made her fall in love with him and she was not even aware he already had a wife.Meenakshi sneakily picks up her phone while Mehul continues to talk.He proudly says he swindled money right under the nose of her father and she thought she got rid of him.He laughingly tells her he is back.And she is a fool to think she can scare him with these photos.He threaten her to give the property papers else she will burn to death.Meenakshi calls Kunal and tells Mehul loudly how dare he threaten to kill her in her own house,her two sons are with her and nothing will happen to her.Kunal hears this and shouts Ma’.

Mishti tells Abir that for the past few days she was confused and had several doubt’s.Abir asks who is she doubting now.Does she doubt his love.Mishti hugs and tells him she never doubt his love nor will she ever leave him.She confess that she had to lie to him to find out the entire truth.She was about to tell Abir will Kunal asks Abir to leave for home.Abir protest saying people are waiting inside.Kunal begs him saying their mom needs them now and tells Mishti its not a game but truth.Mishti urges About to leave.They leave hurriedly.Mishti ask him to promise he will listen to his mom before taking any decision.Abir ask her to come with them.Rajshri calls Mishti and Kunal drove off.

Mehul tears all photos.Meenakshi says Abir will get him arrested.Mehul laughs and says Abir is not her toy who does what she says.He is not Kunal.He will taunt her saying if Abir sees this photos he will question you that if you know she was in danger why dint you save her.He asks her to hand over the papers.

Abir asks what happened,Kunal says he heard voices of Mehul and mom.Mehul threaten to kill mom.Abir says its impossible and calls Meenakshi.Seeing Abir’s call,Mehul throws her phone on the couch and threaten her again.She says she is not scared.What will happen if Mishti reveals your truth to Abir.Mehul taunts saying,he is not scared of Mishti but she is.She is the one who is scared of losing her son.Mehul says he will reveal to Abir that Kunal is his step brother.Meenakshi asks him to shut up.
Abir and Kunal runs towards the house.Meenakshi tells Mehul that she raised Kunal as her own son and never discriminated between him and Abir.Mehul says he will tell Abir that she dint want Kunal to have any share in the property hence she raised him as Abir’s younger brother so he don’t get a share.Meenakshi angrily holds his collar and says she will kill him.

Kunal and Abir comes there and sees it.Mehul pretends to be the victim.He tells Abir that she is trying to lure him with property and in turn I have to give my right on you.He shows him the document and says she forcibly made him sign it.Abhi angrily stares at Meenakshi.Nanu asks Mishti how come they left.She says they all need to go and be with Abir as its important.They leave.

Vishamber asks where she went before engagement.Mishti tells him that she understood Mehul is not a good man.He is a fraud and is trying to frame Abir in one of his new scams.She has she had the papers with her but gave it to Meenakshi,who will now reveal truth to Abir.Varanasi says that’s is why he was in a hurry to change Abir’s name today itself.Mishti ask if he has signed.Kuhu says he din’t but why din’t she tell Abir.Mishti says Meenakshi needed time to file a police complaint and get Mehul arrested.Kuhu and Varanasi says she has to go Rajvansh house and be with Abir.Rajshri too tells her to leave.Mishti says its their family matter she cant go.Kuhu says she was the one who found truth first so she should tell Abir first.Mishti says no.It will hurt to know from others if their own father is wrong.Vishamber supports Mishti.

Abir reads the document where it is written Mehul has given away the right on Abir.Meenakshi says he signed it on his own and in return asks for the property.Mehul once again turns the table and portrays himself as victim.He shows Abir the complain papers and says she ran the scam and framing me and him just because he wanted to change his surname.Meenakshi begs him to believe her and id don’t trust her then ask Mishti.Abir angrily tell her not involve Mishti in this.Abir blindly believes Mehul and leaves home with him.The entire family cries.

Precap- Abir says mom thinks you can leave me for property.we will sign on a stamp paper that we don’t want a single penny.Mehul gets shocked.Abir almost hit a truck while driving and Mehul yells at him saying if he wants to die he can but why is he trying to kill him as well.Nanu tells Mishti Abir left the house and only she cam help them to get him back.Mishti promise him that she will.