Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 15th July, 2019 :- Mishti gets humiliated by Kunal


The episode starts with Mishti is lost in the thoughts of Abir and smiling when Vishwambhar and Rajshree come to her. They ask her if she is happy with the alliance of Kuhu and Kunal. She says I am so happy, Kunal and Kuhu are made for each other. They are perfect for each other, I have you two with me, what more I will be needing? Mishti then asks Vishwambhar about his verdict, he says, I am worried for Meenakshi ji, last time also she flipped the relationship and now again she accepted it. I really hope everything goes right. Mishti says everything will be fine now.

Kuhu listens to all this from a corner and gets emotional. She texts Kunal that she is missing him, on the other side, Kunal is also trying to manipulate Abir in a tricky way. Here Kuhu says to Mishti that if you ever fell in love never tell that guy I love you first, this will make your importance go down. Mishti thinks Kuhu has better knowledge in this so if she is saying it must be right. Kuhu texts Kunal that Mishti agrees for it. Kunal asks Abir if he is coming for shopping tomorrow. Abir says if you want me to come, I will come then.

Varsha tells Rajshree about Mishti’s engagement with Chauhan family. Rajshri says just now everything gets sorted out, how can we talk about another alliance again? Varsha says why not? Mishti is happy for Kuhu I know but we can at least try for this. Kuhu listens to all this from the corner of the house and says, this is the only way I can get to know what is Mishti actually thinking.

In the morning, Kunal reaches in front of the boutique and calls Meenakshi. He says is Abir with your mom? Meenakshi says I am in the hospital, you go and focus on your work. She apologies to Kunal for keeping him in such a situation and makes him feel awkward. He says no worries, you can’t do all alone. Mishti and Kuhu reach there when Mishti notices Abir is absent there. She thinks is he gets upset with my answer last night? In the shopping mall, Kunal again manipulates and influence Kuhu against Mishti and pretends to be sorry for using her against her own sister.

The manager of the shop came and welcome Kunal and Kuhu. She addresses Kuhu as Mishti, Kuhu gets embarrassed. Kuhu told her I am his fiance you have to take my measurements. Mishti enters and the manager recognizes her. Kunal suddenly stands and ask Mishti to leave rudely. He starts to yell at her for rejecting him on their engagement day and insulted him. She tries to reason with him but Kunal is in no mood to listen to anything and takes out his frustration on her. Abir appears there and sees the chaos and goes behind Kunal to make him understand. Mishti gets humiliated, she goes out of the shop. Abir asks Kunal to stop for Kuhu’s sake. Kunal says he wants to go home and Abir also leaves with him. Kuhu lashes out at Mishti and makes her responsible for whatever happened in the mall. Mishti also reverts back and says whenever you need me, you never tell me to go back.

Now when you don’t need me anymore, you are shouting at me. Kuhu says whatever happened is because of you. Here in the Rajvansh house, mami has created chaos over the fiasco happened in the boutique. Massi asks mami why don’t you stop those people at the market? Kunal yells at Parul and she is about to leave. Meenakshi comes and tries to pretend as saint and sabotage Mishti in the marriage. Abir takes a stand and says none of us will keep any such sort of condition before them of keeping Mishti away from her sister’s marriage.

Precap : Meenakshi tells Mishti there is a party in our house tomorrow, later on, the party is organized on that day. Meenakshi and Kunal gets humiliated at the venue when the Maheswari family didn’t turn up.

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