Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 15th November 2019: Meenakshi refuses to accept Mishti

Today’s episode starts with Kuhu, Rajshri and others welcome Mishti and praises her for her brave act. In the morning, Abir and Kunal spends time together. Kunal tells to Abir that he don’t want to play Garba. Abir says he has to play. Meenakshi and Parul sees the duo from the far and Parul worries and thinks what will happen when Kunal and Abir will come to know that they not blood brothers. She further ask Meenakshi to focus on Mishti and Abir’s wedding.

Kuhu pours her heart to Mishti. Mishti motivates Kuhu. Parul says to Meenakshi that Abir and Kunal bond is strong because of her upbringing. Ahead, Kaushal tells to Meenaskhi about his plan of bonefire party.

Other side, Rajshri tells to everyone that Kuhu too played a important role in hiding Mishti’s truth that she is not at home. Mishit praises Kuhu. There, Kunal ask Meenakshi to feed the food him first because she didn’t brough her from the dustbin. Meenakshi and Parul stuns and Abir tells to all that he was just joking with the Kunal. Mishti calls Abir and Ketki take his mobile. Abir ask Ketki to keep his mobile as he wants to spend time with Meenakshi. He ask Meenakshi to feed food to him too.

Further, Meenakshi ask everyone to let her spend time with Abir. Abir texts to Mishti that he wants to meet her. Mishit asks him to come to meet her. Kunal goes to Meenakshi and confronts her about her reaction after hearing Mishti’s name.

Meenakshi tells to Kunal that she don’t Mishti just she don’t like her presence in Abir’s life. Afterwrads, Mishti, Jasmeet and Kuhu dances and enjoys. Other side, Abir, Kunal and others celebrates. Mishti and Abir miss each other. (Episode Ends)

Next week: Meenakshi takes a promise from Abir and ask him to leave Mishti. Abir gets shocked