Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 16th July 2019 :- Meenakshi plan against Mishti

The episode starts with Kuhu yelling at Mishti and says If I were at your place, then I will step back and won’t be looking for reasons to hang out together. Mishti replies it’s you who used to look for excuses to come with me when I got engaged to Kunal. Kuhu says that was a different topic. Mishti says oh right, it was so different that you took bracelet from a guy who is engaged to your sister. Kuhu says you are not my sister. Kuhu says you have jinxed my happiness, you are a curse for my happiness, I hate you. Mishti comes forward and says no matter how much you hate me? But the fact of me being the reason behind your happiness will never change. I am not a curse but the reason for your alliance and happiness.

Mishti feels hurt with Kuhu words when Jasleen gives her a jar to open the lid. Here Abir tries to reasoning with Kunal and tells him that I can understand this male ego so well. Once our male ego got hurt, we lose the ability to think rationally. He further tells him that if Mishti doesn’t deny for this alliance you will be caught in a loveless, meaningless marriage for life. You will never get Kuhu in your life. Kunal pushes Abir and his chest area starts bleeding, here Mishti also gets hurt while trying to open the jar… Meenakshi scolds Kunal for being careless. Here Parul asks Meenakshi what all this is happening? Meenakshi says this is why I didn’t want Kunal and Kuhu alliance to happen.

Meenakshi comes to Kunal room and asks him why did you hurt Abir like that? If you behave in this way with him? he will go to Mishti. Kunal says I got enraged so much that I did that in a haste. Meenakshi says anger is the enemy of intelligence if you want Mishti out of your brother’s life then not by anger but with a sane mind. Please have patience and control your anger. She says your only fault is to lose your cool, otherwise, Mishti is only here to blame.

She asks Kunal to be on her side and does as per her instruction. Kunal says yes…
Here in the hospital doc check the stitches and says it’s ok, it will get healed. He asks how it happened? Abir says it’s just a small accident. He tells nanu that Nanco didn’t do anything on purpose. He calls Mishti but heeds the ringtone around him. He goes out of the ward and sees Mishti hand is bleeding. Mishti also notices the bandage with blood. Both ask each other what happened?

Here Kuhu is talking to Kunal on phone, she tells him that whatever happened is not your fault. In fact, I am here to blame as well as if not I being Mishti with me, your mood will not get spoiled. He tricked her with words and gets to know that everyone is going out for ice cream, thankfully Mishti is not at home so she will not come with them.

Kunal and Meenakshi exchange looks and Meenakshi smiles.
Abir and Mishti get settled in a couch in hospital. Abir asks her about her wound, she says while trying to open a jar his hand got hit. Mishti says I came here for dressing but how did you get hurt? Abir says by mistake. He asks her if she is ok? She says for me that mess is created in the shop and everyone got upset. Abir says you think I am upset because of you? Mishti says Aren’t you? Abir calls her crazy and aaya Nanco is not only a namesake but he actually behaves like a kid. He gets impulsive and reacts that is why I went to pacify him. Mishti says I thought you are upset because of me. Abir says you are nowhere responsible and says our society wants to see a girl as weak and helpless. This is why people with a point of view appears to be different from them. Abir says but if you didn’t answer my question I will surely get angry with you. Mishti says I thought of answering you first but now I have changed my mind.

Abir comes home to find Kunal in the kitchen making soup for him. He gets emotional to see his care for him. He tells Kunal, you are not responsible for this, so please don’t feel guilty for me. Nanu says both of you stay in the same home but still behaves like meeting after decades. I am not an emotional fool like you. Kunal tells them about a party for tonight and everyone rejoices.

Here Meenakshi comes to Maheswari house, Mishti greets here. Mishti informs her that no one is present in the house. Meenakshi behaved like not knowing anything and tells her that she is having a party in her house tomorrow where she will officially announce the news of Kunal and Kuhu marriage. Mishti agrees to inform the same to her family members.

Rajshri comes to know about the party and occasion and gets emotional for Kuhu. Kabir unplugged version plays in the background… Both the house is preparing for their marriage and here in Abir house, all are busy decorating the house for the night’s party. Meanwhile, Abir and Mishti both imagine each other around them.
Precap: Meenakshi and Kunal face humiliation, Meenakshi asks Mishti where are they as the party is for tonight. Abir gets shocked.