Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 18 July 2019, Mishti apologizes to Meenakshi

The episode begins with Misthti discussing the matter with Abir when Kunal appears there. Mishti tries to explain Kunal her point of view but he ignores her and tries to play victim using Mrs. Parikh reference with Abir. Abir shouts at Kunal for creating a scene and ask him to end this matter here if he wants to marry Kuhu. Abir explains to Mishti to be very careful while talking to people and keep a check on the words they are uttering. He assures her about the reason behind his saying is Kuhu’s happiness in the house. Mishti agrees with Abir words and leaves from there.

Kuhu comes to call Kunal for fixing up the marriage date when Kunal asks her to stop the processing then and there. He manipulates Kuhu against Mishti and makes her tempted with twisting Mishti’s conversation with Abir. Kuhu tries to pacify Kunal and declines to be away from him. Kunal says I don’t want to put you in a dilemma for life where you have to choose between me and your sister Mishti. Kuhu says and don’t love Mishti and she is not my sister neither a core part of our family. Kunal gets shocked to hear this.

Parul asks Abir is everything ok and says she doesn’t count Mishti as a cunning girl. She feels Mishti is pure at heart and can never play games to humiliate people.

Kuhu says to Kunal that Mishti was adopted by her grandmother and she has to share right from her room to the love of her family with her from childhood days. She says that both Mishti and I pretends to be lovable sister so that our family doesn’t get upset. Whereas in reality none of us get along with each other well. Kunal remembers their moments and says I find you two as lovable as me and Abir.

Mishti wants to leave the party when Varsha came to her and ask her to say sorry to Meenakshi. Kuhu says I am begging in front of you, please go and say sorry to Meenakshi but Mishti denies. Then eventually she agrees for asking sorry due to Abir. She comes to Meenakshi and says today is a big occasion for my family and my sister, whatever problem took place in today’s event is uncalled for and I am apologizing for being one of the reasons for the misunderstanding.

Vishwambhar comes and stops Mishti from asking sorry. He manages the situation with grace and makes Meenakshi spill out that she doesn’t want the apology. Mishti is leaving for home and Vishwambhar allows her to go. Mishti asked them not to worry for her and leaves in a car. Meenakshi asks about Mishti when Vishwambhar informs her that she left the party. He says Mishti doesn’t want to come here at first place but we insist on her. Meenakshi says I do not want to embarrass her, Vishwambhar claims that Kunal wants Mishti to justify. He keeps his point of view in a very dignified manner and says we are not angry with Kunal but Mishti is someone who doesn’t compromise with her self respect.

Mishti is crying inside the car when she discovers Abir as her driver. He asks him why she said sorry? Here Meenakshi scolds Kunal for being irresponsible when Kunal blurts out the truth of Mishti and Kuhu are not coring sisters.

Precap: Mishti and Abir spent some moments. Meenakshi converse with Parul about keeping secrets when Abir listens to them.