Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 18th November 2019: Meenakshi keeps a shocking demand to Abir

Episode begins with Abir is with his family and enjoying. Kunal also comes there and starts to enjoy with his family. Abir imagined Mishti around him while Mishti on the other side is also smiling thinking about Abir. Both of the are lost in each other thoughts.

Meenakshi comes there and says I want to talk with my son so Can I get some spare time? Kunal says you always love Abir more than me, did you actually bring me from dustbin? Abir says to Kunal jokingly truth is bitter and it is time for you that have this bitter gulped in. Kunal gets upset and left while the entire family is telling him why he is playing pranks on Kunal like that? abhi to his mother that when you are not around then Kunal also pull pranks on me. Everyone goes inside when Abir says to his mother that he has some work left and he will talk to her in the morning. Jugnu comes and save to Abir that I know no you are going to meet Mishti and nothing else. Meenakshi asks Abir to come back soon as she will wait for him.

Abir is walking down the street and remembering his dad. He looks at the picture of him, Mishti and his father together in his phone and thinks that he has to forget these memories as this only hurt his family so much. Suddenly someone snatched the phone from his hand and runs the cycle in full speed. She is about to chase the person but it turned out to be misty and she asked him to catch her if he can.

Misty and Abir share a very romantic moment with each other where they talk their heart out. Misty and Abir are discussing about the matters when Misty things to tell him about her struggle to reach out the truth. she is taking the back when Abir says that he knows about the length to which his mother has to go to find out the truth. Misty didn’t say anything further and just smile at Abir and both of them had a nice time with each other.

The next morning, the people of the Maheshwari family decided to pay a visit to the temple with the first invitation card of Abir and Mishti. The other side, Yashpal asks Parul about their share of responsibilities to prepare the marriage invitation card and visiting the temple. Parul says the card is not with me but with Meenakshi and I will ask her to give it to me. She asks Meenakshi about the card when the latter asks to accompany her to the temple. Meenakshi takes along Abir with her as well.

Misty is in her room and dreaming of a beautiful life with Abir. in the Temple Meenakshi take a promise from Abir that whatever she will ask him, he has to do that. Meenakshi ask Abir to leave Misty as she doesn’t want him to be with her while on the other hand, Mishti gets a strange indication. She feels upset over it but didn’t understand the upcoming storm it is indicating. Abir asks his mother to understand the fact that he loves Misty and he can’t live without her.

Meenakshi says I know you will not agree to my words but I can see that she will hurt you eventually. To make Abir agree to her terms, Meenakshi twisted the entire situation of Mishti finding out the truth of Mehul against her in front of Abir.

Precap – Meenakshi shows Abir something and he gets shocked.