Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 19th November 2019: Meenakshi gets desperate to convince Abir

Episode begins with Kuhu is getting Mishti ready for going to Rajvansh house. On the other hand, Meenakshi is twisting the entire situation against Mishti in front of Abir. She says Mishti is aware of the reality of Mehul from much earlier time but still she chose to keep quiet just for the sake of her own security. She is aware of everything and knows you can be jailed but still she choose not to say anything. Abir gets confused and haphazard with all that Meenakshi is saying.

Mishti is getting ready and Kuhu says to her after the way you exposed Mehul my family has turned into your fan club. Even your rude mother-in-law will also bring some best daughter-in-law award for you today. Mishti says Meenakshi aunty is you mother in law as well. I don’t know why but you seemed not interested to talk about the fact that Kunal has given you divorce papers on the eve of navratri.

Kuhu says I don’t want to talk about it, Mishti told her that this is not a solution to your problem. Kuhu asked her what will you do if you were in my place? Mishti says I will leave him the day I will come to know that he doesn’t love me. Kuhu says suppose just for the sake of imagination that today when we are going to Rajvansh Sadan and suddenly Abir told you I am sorry Mishti but I will not be able to marry you.

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Mishti says I love him and he loves me as well and that is why I will fight back even if he wants to leave me because I know I am not investing my efforts in a useless deal. However things and not the same for you Kuhu, are you sure Kunal loves you? He doesn’t even value you and maybe he will never do that in his entire life. Mishti further says if you don’t respect yourself then the entire world will not respect you.

On the other hand, Abir is not able to digest the words of Meenakshi against Mishti. He says I have listen to your words and even understand your point But you are not understanding your own son. Only you are aware of the fact that how dangerous of a person Mehul Kapadia is.

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Still you didn’t do anything to safeguard Mishti neither you inform me or anybody else so that we can go and save her. He angrily walks out of the temple and in his car and shouts in frustration that you can’t even wait for one day mom. Mishti also leaves with her family for Rajvansh house. She is very happy and excited with the entire processing and she looks at her eyes in the mirror and says I should stop showing my teeth 24/7.

Abir is driving his car and suddenly he came to a halt near a construction site where Meenakshi has also come with another car she is desperate to convince him as per her will. Abhi says to his mother you are not getting that I can’t leave misty. Meenakshi says I want to check today that Is your family most important to you or your love for Mishti. She shows the name ceremony card of Kunal to Abir to prove how many sacrifices she did in her entire life for others.

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Abir dismiss the card after reading the description and asks his mother what kind of vulgar joke is this? Parul admit in front of Abir that this is the secret the family is hiding for years now. She is the biological mother of Kunal not Meenakshi. Abir get shocked to hear this.

Precap – Misty is clicking selfie with her entire family at the same spot where Abir, Meenakshi and Parul are present. Meenakshi says to Abir if he doesn’t call off his wedding with Mishti then she will make Kunal homeless and will tell the entire world that he is her step son.