Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 20th November 2019: Meenakshi trapped Abir in her manipulation game

Episode begins with Abir is shocked with the revelation of the entire truth. He doesn’t want to believe the story at all whereas Parul says whatever Meenakshi is saying its absolute truth. I am not aware of the fact that Mehul is married. I am not aware that Mehul has wrong so many innocent lives here but also betrayed me and snatched the shelter from Kunal’s head. We are so helpless at that time and Meenakshi gave us shelter. Meenakshi says I give shelter to a helpless woman and a child because I was sure that she is not responsible for whatever is happening but society doesn’t understand this. Parul says I didn’t want Kunal to be addressed as a son of a thief. Abir says but even I am also son of a thief, Meenakshi says but there is a difference, you are just a son of a thief but Kunal is illegitimate child of a thief. Both of this statement have so many different effects on society. Minakshi says in my entire life I have never ever care about anything else and always does think for my family. She says to Abir just because you used to love your father so much I have never tried to tell you his reality because I don’t want you to get disheartened.

However now for the sake of Mishti you get ready to leave your mother and your family in the blink of an eye. If you go ahead with your relationship then I will disclose the reality of Kunal in front of the entire world. I will tell everybody that Kunal is not my son and he is a step brother of yours and I will throw him out of the house. Abir says so in this way you want to blackmail me?

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Meenakshi says I already told you this is not my straightening but my promise. Abir says you can’t do this but Meenakshi says I will exactly do this. now I will I want to see will you leave your brother Kunal as well for the sake of your love Mishti. On the other hand, Maheshwari family gets halted in their way to Rajvansh Sadan due to the road blockage. The guards there ask them to go from some other way. Mishti ask them to click a selfie before going there but she is unable to notice that Abir Meenakshi and Parul are standing just behind them in the same construction site. All of them get in the car and goes to Rajvansh Sadan. Kunal ask permission from everyone to take Kuhu away for some private talk. Mishti also excuses herself and goes to the room of Abir. She is very excited and happy to start a new life with Abir while on the other side, Abir is feeling broken due to the drastic change in the whole scenario and silently asking answers from God in the temple.

Kunal and Kuhu had a conversation among each other regarding how to tell the family about the truth? Jugnu asked Kunal to call Abir as the priest has arrived and he says he will go personally to bring his brother. He comes to the temple to call Abir while the latter gets emotional to see Kunal in front of him and he says he will never let him go away from his sight. Misthti gets happy to think that her dreams are finally becoming a reality.

Precap : Abir calls off the wedding with Mishti.