Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 24th July 2019- Vishambhar receives a threatening courier

The episode starts with Varsha asks Kuhu about Kunal when Abir enters the hall with him. Rajshri gets Kuhu and Kunal get settled on the stage for engagement. Here Abir and Mishti are exchanging looks among them and the title song of the show plays in the background. Nanu asks Meenakshi to handover Parul the ring to give it to Kunal. Kuhu and Kunal are getting engaged while Abir is reciting a Shayari in the background. The duo exchanges the ring while everyone clapped for them. Abir comes on stage and congratulates them.

Nanu suddenly says that engagement of his younger grandson made him realize that he is aged now and only some days are remaining for him in his life. He then calls for Abir and Mishti together and joined their hands. Kunal and Meenakshi feel annoyed and is about to say something while Nanu says he wants Mishti and Abir to take over the responsibility of the sangeet ceremony of Kunal and Kuhu. All get happy and cheerful while Abir and Mishti feel relieved.

Later on, at night, Mishti sees the bangle Abir gifted to her and messaged him. He gets her text and calls her on video chat, she asks him sorry for behaving a bit rude with Kunal while Abir asks her to not worry at all. Mishti wishes him goodnight and cuts the call. Here Kunal and Kuhu settled for a coffee meeting. Kuhu says she got scared today when Swetha hugs Kunal but when he pushes her away she feels good and assured that he is not cheating on her.

Kunal feels sad and dejected when he receives a text from Meenakshi. He takes out the topic of Mishti and his conversation in the engagement and tries to play a victim of threatening. He tells Kuhu Mishti is behind all these, Kuhu declines to accept it and says she loves my family so much and she can never do anything that will eventually hurt our family. Kunal says I know you will not believe me but I don’t have the proof right now. Kunal gets a call from Abir which he used to convince Kuhu, Kuhu is still not sure about Mishti’s involvement.

Here, Parul questions Meenakshi about her intention regarding Kunal and Kuhu alliance. She says she liked Kuhu very much and she wants Kunal to get settled. Meenakshi in a fear of getting caught talks in a firm voice with her to shut her up and Parul says I feel you are trying to break the relation.

Here Kuhu does something in the morning as per Kunal says and prays everything to be alright. Rajshri comes to call Mishti and informs her that Abir is waiting for her for sangeet shopping. Later on, Vishwambhar receives a parcel with a threat of leaking pictures in media. He opens the envelope and gets shocked to see Kunal and Shweta pictures inside. Everyone gets shocked to see the pictures.

Precap: The cyber guy says he gets the mail from Mishti’s email id. Mishti and the entire family get shocked.