Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 26th November 2019: Abir and Mishti moves on in their life

Episode begins with is coming and knocking at the door and someone is asking from inside who is it? Abir says I am Ajeeb Rajvansh and Mishti comes from inside. Both of them hug each other and spending time together when Mishti says what if your mother gets to know that I am here? Abir says I will never let her know, Mishti says what if she gets you married someone else because for everybody we had a breakup. Abhi to net then I will say that my heart belongs to an angry thief and if someone can bring that back from her then I will get married. Mishti says when something named after me , I will never let anyone took that away.

The clock starts to alarming and Abir gets up from his sleep. He realized he is dreaming and his looks and everything is changed now. On the other side, it is the anniversary of Rajshri and Vishwambhar. Jasmeet is preparing for it with full enthusiasm. Kuhu is teaching them dance steps for the sangeet ceremony and apparently everyone is so excited and happy because it is a Sangeet of Neha and Abir.

Minakshi says after so many days my house is full love happiness and energetic and it should remain like this. Kunal is talking to someone on the phone and he says that it was a marriage event and he will take two days off from the office works. He collided with Kuhu and says people usually tumbled while walking and you are walking while stumbling.

Kuhu walks out from there without answering him anything and just said sorry. Abir comes down and save I am very hungry and I will have food. He calls Kunal for breakfast as well as I am anky to that’s why I will not have anything right now. abhi says you are not even getting married and still your dieting look at me I am going to eat up everything whatever Parul maasi had made.

Neha entered the house with a grand welcome. She asked everybody if they are not ready yet and says will she get her dream wedding? Abir says he will get everything the way you wanted and she says she is lucky to have him in her life.

Kuhu says to the house members that SRK will not be able to make out for the sangeet ceremony as he has no dates available. Jugnu comes up with the package of Mishti doi and save if anybody order did and everyone goes on a silent mode thinking it must be ordered by Abir. On the other hand, Jasmeet sees the picture of celebration at Abir’s house and she get upset to see the marriage board of Abir weds Neha. She thinks that it is not even complete two months at all and Abir has already moved on for getting married. At the sangeet venue, everyone is a bit nervous because of a circle is not appearing for the event and the guest can go overboard over this issue. Neha says to Abir that she is already panicking because everything is happening in a hurry and now he is behaving weird from some days. She asks for his advice to cope up with this while Abir is remembering Mishti.

Precap : Abir and Mishti had a hit and miss