Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 27th June, 2019 :- Shweta’s vicious plan against Kuhu and Mishti

The episode starts with Abir resting his head on Mishti’s shoulder. Shweta watches them from a distance and thinks what I am doing with Kunal it’s surely fake but what I am seeing is don’t seem to be fake. She tries to take of picture of them together but someone just bumped into her and her phone falls down. Sweta gets up and sees no one is there. Free things that whose alliance was decided with Kunal is getting cozy with his elder brother? Something is surely not right and I should inform this Kunal. Kuhu ask Kunal in the car that you didn’t say anything in the whole journey, are you ok? Kunal says yes I am fine. Kuhu says you said this many times but your words are not matching your actions. Kunal gets flashes of Shwetha and Abir’s words. Kunal says that he is sorry for leaving her alone like that. Kuhu says but why I enjoyed the lights as if we are in a movie of Karan Johar and till the power cut and I realize that we are still in Rajkot. Kuhu asks Kunal not to worry about leaving her and she is sure that something important has occurred or else he will not leave her like that. Kunal gets impressed and says until I meet you I never know that you are this much-sorted person. Here Varsha and Shaurya are coming back home when the hear the horn of a car and Varsha asks
Shourya to check it.

Mishty opens the gate and says me and Kuhu are out for jogging and we are competing in a race which I won. Kuhu also enters and says that you did cheating Mishty and ask her parents why they are still awake at that time? She threatens them that she will complain about it to dadi and enters with Mishty. Shaurya says let them go and we also should go and sleep or else mom will scold us. Kuhu tells Mishty that your timing is bad and today you disturb me and Kuhu at such a bad time Mishty smiles and says very funny and goes from there. Kunal and Abir are entering the house when Kunal says her dad has caught us almost when
Abir cuts him between and says, Mishty saves you guys, right? Parul asks them What happened? Abir diverts the topic and changed the matter. Kunal asks her why are you listening to our talks and leave from there. Abir says he is upset, Parul replied that means something is wrong. Abir says you don’t take stress if anything happens I will tell you and I am expecting the same from you as well.

Mishty remembers her and Abir moments and how he zipped her dress. Kuhu’s phone rings, she goes out to talk. Mishti thinks it must be Kunal and gets worried for Abir as he was stressed. Abir and Kunal are in a room where Abir says don’t escape from this matter. Abir says if you don’t stop I will tell mom about Shweta and asks her to save her son. Kunal says don’t tell mom about this. Abir smiles and says promise me that you will not meet her at all. Kunal thinks even I ask you not to meet Mishty again. Kuhu talks to Shweta on phone and says how did you get my number? Shweta says I got your number from Kunal, I mean I know he is special for you, in fact, he is special for me as well. Kuhu says I never heard of you from Kunal, she says I know he doesn’t talk about me anymore but can you come and meet me tomorrow? It’s my birthday tomorrow and I want you to come with Kunal. Kuhu says why don’t you call him directly and invite? Shweta says it’s a surprise for Kunal so I don’t want him to know and you also please don’t tell her about
anything. Shweta continues that I am sending you the address so please confirm me once you get the mail. Shweta cuts the call and messaged Meenakshi

At morning, Parul brings tea for Meenakshi. She calmly asks her that last night with which Shweta she is talking? In Maheshwari house, Shaurya cuts a call and tells Varsha about the arrival of Mr.Chauhan son and says let him meet Mishti and Kuhu first. Varsha remembered Kuhu tells her that she likes Kunal. She suggested let him meet Kuhu first as Mishty is not ready yet. Mishty and Kuhu come down and Varsha changes the topic. Mishty agreed to go for the movie whereas Kuhu denies and says I have some work. Sharuya agrees and Varsha asks them to come for breakfast. Mishty gets thoughtful about Kuhu.
Meenakshi asks Parul are you questioning me? Parul says NO, I am just sorting out my doubts. I know you will not talk to the same Shweta who hurt Kunal so much. Meenakshi says Kunal is my son so obviously I will be worried about him. Meenakshi agrees to talk to Kunal’s ex Shweta and says I called her in Rajkot and says I am doing this for my son. Our relationship is based on love, trust and bond so don’t interrogate me and be sure that Kunal
will be fine soon. Abir comes to Sunshine hotel and asks about Shweta, Mishti calls him. She asks if he is busy or is she disturbing her? Abir teases her and she cuts the call. Here Mishti gets a call from Shweta
and she gets worried. Mishti decided to be at home with Kuhu. She asks her what is the matter? Kuhu told Mishty about Shweta and she gets shocked. She asks Kuhu not to go anywhere. Nanu and Abir were talking when Dadaji asks him to propose Mishti as soon as possible. She calls Abir again and says Kuhu and Kunal are going to Shweta party.

Precap: some boys are misbehaving with Mishti in the party venue.