Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 2nd December 2019: Abir Mishti comes face to face after a long time

Episode begins with the anniversary celebration is going on in the Maheshwari house. Kuhu enters the house from outside and Varsha asks her where she is all the time without informing anybody. Before she can answer anything Kunal comes from behind with gifts. Varsha gets happy to see him and he says to Kuhu in low voice don’t try to make me villain in front of your family. Kunal meets Vishwambhar and Rajshri.

Kunal wish them happy anniversary and handover them two gifts. He says the other parcel was left at the letter box so I brought it inside thinking it must be for them. Rajshri says to Kunal the person who sends Saree for me please inform him that I liked it so much.

Abir is sitting with a diary that Misty gifted him, he starts to write in it about the incident that took place in the restaurant. He shares the story of someone who steals his khichdi from the restaurant. He says you don’t need to get jealous as I will not get impressed by her. For me you will remain the only one.

In the morning, Misti is sleeping in her room when her phone alarm rings. She wakes up to see that it’s already 6. Rajshri comes to meet Mishti and ask if she has a nice sleep ? Misty says yes I have a nice time here and its already six and you are with me but not with your Lord Gopal.

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Rajshri says I will manage him later but you tell me how are you? Misty says I am fine, I have become more beautiful, more happy, more hot, more good looking than before. Rajshri says are you trying to escape the truth somehow by doing all this outer thing? Misty says I have left all that behind much before and now I am no more worried about it. I know how to be happy now and I don’t want to go back there.

Misty is getting text from Nanu and she is smiling while replying. Abir and Kunal are in the Rajvansh house are getting ready for the meeting they have to attend at hotel Sunshine. Abir says to Parul there was a condition and that condition is fulfilled now so as per that the challenge has to complete now right? Kunal says I am here only brother and you can talk to me directly. Kunal says to Abirthe meeting was in a few minutes and you are asking me to have noodles from the hands of Kuhu right now? Abir says when you have taken the challenge you have to complete it.

Abir went to the investors with his presentation for the meeting. Nishant, the investor of Abir and also the friend of Misty is asking his stuff if the requirements for the meeting are ready or not? On the other hand, Kunal settles on the table to have Chowmein and everybody in the family is cheering him up. Abir does the meeting with the investor and he likes his presentation.

Nishant asks Abir if he can fix the poetry he prepared for his partner. He keeps on saying what all his partner likes and those things are making Abir remember about Mishti. Abir enquires to Nishant about his partner and ask if she wears glasses or not? Nishant says no,she doesn’t wear glasses and Abir gets relieved. He says he doesn’t do poetry anymore to Nishant when he hears a very familiar voice. He turns to see Nishant is hugging Mishti and she is his partner.

Precap – Mishti falls in the swimming pool and Abir jumps in it to save her.