Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 2nd January 2020: MISHTI IS IN DILEMMA


The episode starts with Nishant telling Mishti that Abir has a lot of excuses to go away from her and not a single one to stay with her.

Mishti says that their relationship has always been complicate at which Nishant replies that their (nishant and mishti’s) relationship is simple instead because they are simply friends and promises her that he will always be with her, he can spend his whole life with his best friend if she wants. He asks Mishti to think and leave.

Kuhu is talking on phone and placing order for orchids while the caller is trying to convince her to compromise with roses but she refuses. Abir comes there. Kuhu cuts the call and says that Mishti and Nishant are just like roses and orchids, there is no match. She turns and sees Abir. He asks her about Nishant and Mishti.

Kuhu says that nothing is final. Abir congratulates with her but Kuhu says that she is unable to accept it. Abir says that it is new so it will take time to be accepted, later she will get used to it. Kuhu asks Abir about him but he leaves without saying anything.

On the other hand Maheshwaris try cheering Mishti up. Jasmeet gives sweets to her. Abir prepares his bag and recalls Mishti and Nishant leaving hand in hand.

Nanu asks Abir where he is going and he asks him and Kunal to come with him for a bros night. They agree.

Vishambharnath talks with pandit ji who tells him that muharat is after two days. Vishambharnath says that Mishti and Nishant’s marriage has been fixed it. Rajshri comes.
Nanu removes abir’s glasses and sees tears in his eyes. Abir says it’s for smog but Nanu has understood.

Rajshri and Vishambharnath talk and she says that he shouldn’t impose his decision on Mishti but he is stubborn and says that Mishti has to accept to marry Nishant if she loves me.

Meanwhile Abir tells Nanu that he was the one to leave Mishti and now he can’t do anything. Nanu says that he wants to kill him because Devdas are losers. He asks abir to go to mishti, apologise and tell her that he loves her and come to him only after getting an answer from Mishti. He says that he will be waiting for him with Kunal at bros night venue.

Later Varsha asks Rajshri about Mishti’s decision but Rajshri is unaware about it. Varsha wonders where Mishti is and Rajshri says she is in the room sleeping. Abir is in Mishti’s room too. He overhears rajshri saying that she still can’t believe that Abir had left Mishti and hopes for him to come and apologise for his mistake.

Varsha asks her what will she do if Abir does that really. Rajshri says that it will still be Mishti’s decision. They leave. Abir thinks that the decision has to be Mishti’s but he wants her to choose him. He steps towards the bed but sees that Mishti is not there, instead there are some cushions placed on the bed under the bedsheet.

Jugnu gets back the clothes that someone had robbed from him. Mishti comes and apologizes saying that she was the thief. She asks Jugnu to give Abir a letter and he says that he will give it to Abir as soon as he comes back from the bros night with Kunal and Nanu.

Later Jugnu receives Abir’s call and asks him if someone took his clothes again as he thinks that Mishti might have come again. Jugnu sees Meenakshi there so doesn’t reveal him anything.

Mishti thinks that she had never thought that such a day will come when they will be so distant that she will have to write letter for him.
On the other hand Rajshri realizes mishti is not on her bed too.

Abir thinks that mishti could not be at his house since she has moved on and leaves the maheshwari mansion. Just then mishti comes back too.

The next morning Meenakshi comes in the mahesheari mansion and Mishti opens the door. Meenakshi goes inside and asks Vishambharnath and Rajshri why Mishti came to her house to give a love letter to Jugnu for Abir. She bashes mishti and slaps her.

Mishti wakes up. It was just her dream. She regrets writing the letter and is scared that the letter might reach someone else. She says that she has to get to know if Abir read the letter or not. Just then Rajshri comes and asks her if she went out last night without telling them. Rajshri sits with mishti and asks her to be her mishti and tell her what she feels. Mishti says that she didn’t get time to take a decision and doesn’t know what to say.

Rajshri asks Mishti if she wants to go back to Abir. Mishti says that Abir taught her what love is. Rajshri says that she loved Abir as a son too. Mishti asks her whether she hates abir now. Rajshri denies that. Mishti asks her what would she do on her place. Rajshri says that she wonders if she could give another chance to the person who left her heartbroken. She tells her that Abir is not with her now.

Mishti asks her what if Abir comes back. Vishambharnath comes and says that Abir will not come back. Mishti looks at him
Episode ends

Precap:Vishambharnath says that the next day they will see what is right, Mishti’s wait or his experience and if Abir doesn’t come back the tilak will happen tomorrow itself. Meenakshi burns the letter Mishti had written for Abir.

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