Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke written update 2nd July 2019 :- Meenakshi to know about Abir’s feelings

The episode starts with kuhu cursing Mishti that when she will fall in love she has to face the same fate as her. Only then Mishti will understand what Kuhu is going through. Mishti cries and thinks about Abir. Here Abir is also reminiscing his moments with Mishti and plays Dheere Dheere se on guitar.

Kunal is thinking and crying in the room when Parul enters his room. Kunal says mom but gets annoyed to see Parul there. He says her I thought my mom is here, Parul tries to console him but he behaves rudely with her. Meenakshi enters and calls out Kunal for his irrational behavior with both Abir and Parul. Kunal says what I am trying to tell is something only you can understand. Meenakshi asks us Parul to excuse them for a while. Kunal says to Meenakshi Bhai likes Mishti. She is taking bhai away from us and I can’t even do anything. Meenakshi finds it hard to believe that Abir falls for Mishti.

Here Abir is lost in his world of thoughts about Mishti and song plays in the background. Meenakshi slaps Kunal when he says bhai may love Mishti, she refuses to accept it. Meenakshi then recalls the past events and says the reality was in front of my eyes and I failed to notice it. I was so engrossed in you that I forgot I have another son as well. I broke my Sitar once and humiliated the honor of Goddess Saraswati if then maa Saraswati is trying to break my pride in the form of Abir falls in love with Mishti. I won’t let this happen.

Kunal says I am the sole reason for all these mom, bhai meets Mishti cause of me only. Mishti gets a chance to manipulate bhai. I should have listened to you earlier and called off the settlement. Meenakshi provokes him further and says we are not supposed to be blamed in this. Mishti is the culprit here and she has to be the consequences of her deeds. Kunal says I am with you in this. Meenakshi says we have to be very cautious now before taking any step.

Abir message Mishti Good night, then she replies she is not getting sleep. Abir texts back and asks for reason Mishti says I know the answer of why but feeling lazy to type, can I call you? Abir calls Mishti in video and asks her about the matter. Mishti says I am disturbed, Abir says Yes I know. Mishti says how do you know that my family got to know about Kuhu and Kunal?

Here Kunal is talking to Kuhu and asks her to calm down and says why did you lie to your family? Kuhu says you are a boy and you get permission easily but things are not the same for girls. She elaborates Kunal the events one after another without knowing that Meenakshi is also listening to them. Kunal asks Kuhu to meet him tomorrow on Meenakshi’s instance and Kuhu agrees.

Here Mishti also tells Abir everything and gets mad on seeing the painting. She gets angry and says why you are so much attached to the painting? Do one thing stay with your photograph and I will handle my family issues. Mishti then thinks what is Abir hiding in that painting. In the morning Kunal went to meet Kuhu when Kuhu expresses her love to him and Kunal feels speechless.

Precap: Mishti discovers her painting in Abir room.