Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 3rd December 2019: Abir gets upset to see Mishti with Nishant

Episode begins with Abir meets Mishti at the swimming pool with Nishant and she greets Abir normally. Abhi is also going to shake hand with her bin Kunal reaches there and he gets shocked to see Mishti. He meets Mishti and asks her when she returned from London? Mishti says just some days before. She introduced Kunal to Nishant and says he is a husband of Kuhu and Abir is his elder brother. Nishant shake hand with both of them and says to Kunal that I am sorry I couldn’t attend your marriage. Kunal says to him it is perfectly fine.

Mishti behaves very cozy with Nishant and says to him that she can’t wait for long so let’s reschedule the meeting for another day. Abir is finding it uncomfortable for him so he says to Nishanth that he will come some other day as he feels they both met each other after a long time and requires some time for themselves. Nishanth says if you wait for our talks to end then your life will get over but our talks will never going to stop. Abir says I feel that you people need time for each Other as you met after long.

Nishanth says we are together for the last two months so we don’t need any more extra time. Mishti again insists that we can reschedule the meeting some other day, for now let us go home. Nishanth says goodbye to Abir and Kunal and left with misty. Kunal asks Abir what is going on and is leaving with when Mishti’s step slipped and she gets into the pool.

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Abir shouts her name and runs to jump in the swimming pool. He rescues Misty from the water and Nishanth comes and wrapped her with a towel. He asks her if she is ok, when Misty says that she knows how to swim and she can save herself from any situation. She says to Abir he needs not to jump in the water to save her. still left with Nishanth and Kunal comes to Abir and says have you seen her attitude, then come out of the water.

Abir is driving the car at a high speed while Kunal is asking him if he has any idea about Nishant and Misty being partners of each other? Abor says that he has no idea but you also stopped from thinking to cancel the project due to this personal conflict. Both of them arrived at home and Abir asks Kunal not to say anything about waves to their mother Meenakshi.

Meenakshi realised Abir is trying to hide something and she even asked him how his clothes are wet but he didn’t answer.

Everyone in the Maheshwari house is taken aback with the planned surprise of Misty and Nishant both. All of them becomes happy to see him back and starts to you feed him with so much of food and desserts. On the other side at Rajvansh house, Kunal sees the picture uploaded at her photogram account and says that my brother is really upset.

Abir comes down and Kunal had a talk with him and ask him if he is ok? Abhishek we are not going to cancel the deal just because of this as we need expertise Nishanth has about the international market. Abir says to Kunal our venture has very potential and we need his permission to make this project successful. He calls Nishant to fix another date for meeting. However, he gets to hear the conversation of Mishti and Nishant and gets upset.

Precap – Mishti is attending the official meeting with Kunal and Abir and Kunal again slams Mishti.