Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 8th November 2019: Mishti learns about Mehul’s fraud


Today’s episode starts with Abir on call. Kunal ask Mehul to go they will come. Mehul says he is fine. Ketki ask Abir to hang off the call. At police station Mishti tricks constable and falls down the file to take papers from Mehul’s file.

There, Kuhu comes and meets Meenakshi. Meenakshi about to leave the house but Ketki, Kuhu and her brother stops him. Kunal and Abir and other dances. Mishti reads about mehul’s fraud on the name of Abir and gets restless to call Abir. She calls Abir and tells to him that his father is a big fraud and now he wants to trap him in the same fraud. She ask Abir not to change his name to Abir Kapadia.

Other side, instead of Abir Mehul hears Mishti’s call and stands shocked. Abir comes from behind and ask Mehul why he is so restless. Mehul says he is not fine. Mishit tries to call back Abir but can’t connect to him.

Later, Abir shows legal papers to Mehul and tells him that once the paper will get submitted, he will officially become Abir Kapadia. Mehul gets happy. Further, Mehul tricks Mishti to know her location.

Kuhu comes back to her house and lies to all that Mishti returned back home and she is in her room. She asks Rajshri to go upstairs to check whether Mishti is ready or not. Kuhu ask her family to bring weight for her to make lose Rajvansh in their game only. She further worries for Mishti.

Mishti reads to Mehul’s message thinking Abir and messages him and ask him to meet her at Rajgarh. Mehul reads Mishti’s location and thinks Mishti is clever and craked about his lie in no time. Mishti texts Abir and ask him to meet her soon at Rajgarh’s highway. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Mehul kidnaps Mishti. Abir ask someone to take him to Mishti.

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