Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 9th January 2020: ABIR CONFRONTS KUNAL

The episode starts with Abir recalling how many times Mishti tried approaching him. He imagines Mishti near him. She asks him why he called her selfish, how could he think that she said the truth to Kunal just to hurt him and his family despite being able to understand her feelings so well before.

Mishti wipes her tears and asks Abir if he thinks that they changed so much in just two months. Abir says that he made many mistakes. Mishti replies that he just blindly trusted his younger brother who should have told him the complete truth but Kunal didn’t feel the need of telling him anything neither Abir tried understanding the truth. She says that Kunal made the mistake but she is getting punished. Mishti disappears. Abir thinks that Kunal didn’t tell him the truth so he blamed Mishti unnecessarily.

Rajshri knocks at the door of Mishti’s room and enters. She is surprised not to see Mishti in her room and wonders if she escaped once again the way she did previously. She finds Mishti in the balcony and tells her that she was afraid she escaped.

Mishti says that she used to be that bird which fell from the nest before the actual time and she brought her home but was always scared that she may fly away. Rajshri says that one day every bird has to fly despite being scared to leave the nest. She gives her the example of Naira and Akshara who were scared too.

Rajshri tells Mishti that she isn’t afraid that she may escape but she is afraid she couldn’t teach her well how to face the problems. Mishti promises her that she will always face her problems courageously so she asks Rajshri not to worry. The hug.

Jugnu tells Kunal that Meenakshi might be coming back. Kunal is looking for some papers between Meenakshi’s files and wants to find out if she was aware of Nishant being an alcoholic addict before asking him to spike his drink.

Jugnu is very scared and tells Kunal that Meenakshi is coming. Kunal finds a certificate in Meenakshi’s closet saying that Nishant was an addict. He understands that Meenakshi knew about it. Meenakshi comes and asks Kunal if he is spying his own mother.

Kunal asks her why he sent him to kill Nishant when she knew that he was an addict. Meenakshi tells him that she knew it but she just wanted to protect Abir and her family.

Before she says anything more, Kunal cuts her saying that he cannot listen to her anymore. He is about to leave but Meenakshi asks him if he is going to complain about her to Abir. Kunal asks her how he can tell Abir that his mother wanted his brother to do such a bad thing. Meenakshi says that she just wanted to protect her family and knew that Kunal is weak and cannot fight for his right like his mother.

On the other hand Nishants asks Mishti to have a compatibilty test. He covers Mishti’s eyes with a cloth and his own as well saying that they will have to choose their roka clothes.

The family cheers them up while Mishti complains that it is a childish idea. They end up choosing completly different dresses. Kuhu says that they both have failed. Rajshri says that they are not matching. Nishant says that the clothes are just like them since they are so different from each other but so good together and they reflect their personalities.

Vishambharnath agrees with him. Kuhu says that the dresses are good but she is organizing the event so they can wear those dresses in a clothes and let her decide their outfits for the roka. Nishant and Mishti accept. Everybody leaves.

Mishti tells Nishant that they actually failed the compatibility test. Nishant says that they managed to handle the situation together so they should get a gold medal. Mishti says that he should get one for being so good with talks. She asks him why he wanted to take this test since he doesn’t believe in such tests. Nishant replies that she believes and she doesn’t want her to change her perspective about love or herself.

On the other hand Kunal goes to Abir who is sitting in living area and asks him why he didn’t inform him that he is back. Abir asks him if he should have informed. Kunal tells him that he was worried and asks him if everything is ok.

Abir tells him that he has some questions and he may be able to give him some answers. He asks Kunal to sit and asks him how much he loves him. Kunal replies that he loves him more than himself. Abir asks him if he will do anything he asks for. Kunal says he will.

Abir asks him if he will marry Kuhu just because he asked him to do so. Kunal replies that it was wrong. Abir asks him if he did anything wrong after that day. Kunal is hesitant to reply. Abir shouts and Kunal replies no.

Meenakshi comes. Abir asks Kunal why he looked tensed when they met outside the party. He asks him if he wasn’t aware that Kuhu didn’t come back whole the night because her brother was sick. Kunal lies saying he didn’t know. Abir gets angry and when Parul comes he says that Kunal isn’t her son or his brother but just Meenakshi’s son.

Kunal recalls Meenakshi blackmailing him emotionally to spike Nishant’s drink. Abir says that a person who mixed alcohol in someone’s drink without thinking about the consequences cannot be his brother.

Nanu, who has come there, is surprised to hear it. Abir asks Kunal what was the reason that made him put someone’s life in danger.

Meenakshi says that Kunal did everything for him. Abir says that he did everything for her. He is angry and says that he is a stupid since he kept trusting people, first his father and now Kunal, and they broke his trust. Kunal says that he isn’t like their father.

Abir says that he is like his mother. He blames him of doing a crime and not even regretting it. He asks Kunal if he is aware that it was very dangerous for Nishant. Nanu asks Kunal why he did it.

Abir lashes out at Kunal asking till when he wanted to lie to them, keep denying what he did and not even apologise to Nishant. He says that Kunal cannot be his brother. He leaves and recalls how badly he treated Mishti breaking their alliance and her heart.

Just then he finds a piece of the real letter written by Mishti which Meenakshi had burnt. He realizes that Mishti had come to tell him that she still loves him and someone exchanged the letters. He understands it can be Meenakshi only.
Episode ends

Precap: Nanu asks Abir if he loves Mishti. He shouts he does. Mishti thinks that Abir and Mishti’a story has ended. Abir says it hasn’t.