Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 8th August 2019 Written Update:- Abir decides to confess his feelings directly to Mishti

The episode starts with a beard and Mishti are in Abir’s room when Mishti says both of us want to say similar things to each other. Abir says to her that don’t make me wait for so long or else I will leave and you will not be able to find me further. Mishti smiles while on the other hand Meenakshi enters the house and gets shocked to see the state of everyone. He asked Kaushal but he is too drunk to respond to her.

On the other hand, she goes to Yashpal and tries to wake him up but he didn’t. She freaks out and thinks what is all these? Did all of them are drunk and asks Nidhi to get up. Nidhi under the influence of alcohol said Everyone keeps quiet or else Meenakshi will come. She is one cruel and heartless bad woman.

Meenakshi looks at her in shock while Parul thinks what is happening in the house? She says she is one snob woman and keeps on repeating the words of Meenakshi like the way she is doing. She says to Meenakshi you are such a glowing girl and pulls her cheeks when Meenakshi says tomorrow morning you will regret doing all these but Nidhi has no sense left.

She asks for Abir and Kunal from Yashpal and goes to check on Abir. Mishti here listen to Meenakshi’s sound and before she can enter she leaves the room. Meenakshi finds Abir is sleeping while she thinks where Kunal has gone right now? She asks Jugnu about Kunal and he says that Kunal went to meet Kuhu. Meenakshi fears what if Kunal blurts out everything to Kuhu and goes behind with a car.

Here Kunal and Kuhu spend some time when Kuhu says she loves him a lot and she wants to know the same from him as well. Kunal says I came here to tell you this, If your sister Mishti would not be in our life, our story can be lots of different. She messes up my mood for an entire week, for her only all these are happening, I have to do all this. He tries to keep his inner self out when Meenakshi calls him and asks him where is he? He says he came to tell Kuhu the entire truth and before saying he won’t go anywhere. Meenakshi is about to say something but Kunal cuts her and hang the phone and switches it off.

Meenakshi reaches Maheswari house and apologizes for Kunal’s behavior. Mishti also reaches there on time. Jasleen brings Kunal and Kuhu down and pulls the leg of Kunal and Kuhu. Meenakshi once again says sorry and leaves before giving Mishti a sweet warning.

In the morning, Abir feels Mishti is holding herself back, Nanu asks him to tell from the front this time as you are sure. Abir decides to confess his feelings to Mishti. Here Mishti tries to call Abir but he didn’t pick up the call. Ananya arrives at Maheswari house after such a long time for Kuhu’s marriage. Mishti welcomes her and feels soon their love for her is going to convert in hate.

Precap – Mishti stops Varsha from starting the Mehndi ceremony.