Yehh Jaadu Hai Jinn ka 10th December 2019 written update: Jinn gets hold of the power clips of Roshni

Episode begins with Roshni look at the witch with angry eyes and she asks her to leave the kid or she will not leave her. Roshni attack at the old lady with her weapons but she gets a hold on those circles and says you always took pride for your powers so now I will see what you will able to do? Roshni gets surprised and asks the kid if he is ok?

Aman comes at the house of Sameer and is getting reminded of all the events that happened months ago between him and Roshni. He beats Sameer and throws him out of the house. The housemates of Aman is getting worried for his well-being and is trying to call him but all goes in vain. Saima comes in the house and asks if everything is fine or not? Jinn gets hold of those angelic clips of Roshni and she is getting worried that what will happen to Aman?

Tabeezi comes at Junaid Bhavan and Parveen gets shocked to see her. She gets reminded of all the past memories of her and how Junaid ditched her. Tabeezi is the same person with whom Junaid got married for the second time even after having a wife like Parveen in life. Roshni made the kid reach the house of the Jinn. Tabeezi says to Aman that Jinn is after the life of your family but Aman says it is not possible at all, till the time I am alive I will not let anything happen to my family members.

Parveen says this lady is a liar, she snatched my husband from me years ago. Now again she is here to ruin my family. Jinn gets hold of those angelic clips before Roshni can see them and he comes at a vacant place and made the rain of fire at the ground. After that he does some magic and something is coming out from the underground which is looking devastating. Parveen lashes out at easy for coming at her house and calling her mother in law as mother. Anjum makes it clear in front of all that not only Parveen but even Rubina is also got cheated by her son.

Parveen says to Aman not to rely on the words of Rubina but Rubina says to a man that’s not me but you will surely believe your own eyes right? She asked him to keep his hand on the book and she also keeps her hand on him and both of them close their eyes. Aman gets to see the visuals of his family members are Are falling on the floor lifeless one after another in his vision. He gets terrified and open his eyes in panic and to see him in such a state all the family members are also taken aback. Aman looks at all of his family with teary eyes and fear in his face.

Precap : The new promo played out when Roshni saves Aman from the arrows of the messengers of Jinn.