Yehh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka 17th March Written Update: Roshni stabbed Laila, She cursed Roshni for death

Episode begins with Aman rescued his mother and the wall of ice is approaching towards Kabir but he moves it away very easily. Aman says this means you can save my mother but you didn’t help me out but Kabir says I am not in partnership with Laila but Aman doesn’t really believe him. Parveen says to him I am doing fine so please go and save Roshni. Roshni on the other side gets surrounded by both the twin sister and she says that I am not going to come to anyone of you but you two are going to follow me now and she starts to run from that place and both Laila and Chandni are following Roshni.

Roshni stop at a place and says to them that I know who is the real Laila from both of you and she took that stand in her hand and attacked on the real Laila while a man also reached that spot behind Roshni. Roshni says I already get to understand who is the actual dialogue from both of you and She remembers the incident of the footprint story.

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ये जादू हैं जिन्न का 17 मार्च रिटेन अपडेट: रोशनी ने लैला को चाकू मारा!

Laila got stabbed and she says to Roshni that you will die before the rise of the next moon. Roshni got scared and even Aman also starts to worry now as he doesn’t expect something like this. Aman ask Chandni that how to save Roshni in this state when she says that I cannot undo the curse by Laila but I can give you 9 moons, this will give you a chance to rewind a day 9 times. Which means you will get 9 opportunities to save the life of Roshni and I will say use your love to protect her and do not let go of this situation. Chandni bids them goodbye and goes away from there.

Aman and Roshni decided to come back home because now everything is almost sorted but while getting into the car Roshni feels dizzy and she sends in arms of Aman when they are talking about the incident. Aman comes back home with his mother and Roshni and Anjum ask a man to take her to her room. All the family members are also free from the frozen state due to Roshni stabbed Laila.

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Aman again tries to talk to Roshani regarding her pregnancy but she thinks that he is talking about her kidney operation and she says that I don’t want to share about this with the entire family because everybody will get worried. Aman says if you want to do it in that way then I have nothing to say. He goes away from the room after asking her to take some rest and she also lays down on the bed thinking that something is odd.

Precap – The family members are excited about the pregnancy of Roshni while Aman says to them that she doesn’t want to disclose the news right now so we shouldn’t make it awkward for her.