Yehh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th July 2020 Written Update : Aman is stabbed and dies

Yehh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th July 2020 Written Update On

Episode starts with Aman gets stabbed with an arrow in his belly. Roshni realised it and gets shocked to see him like that. Before she can talk to Aman properly he falls on the ground and Roshni is crying sitting beside him but before that she can talk she notices Aman closed his eyes. She gets panicked and tries to wake him up but he is not responding to her words. Roshni cries and asks the housemates why they are crying? She is trying to wake Aman up when Rubina says he did a deal with death for your well being. He chooses his death over yours to protect you from the ultimate.

Roshni gets shocked to hear that and before anyone can say anything, Roshni faints on the floor. Roshni is sleeping in her room and she is not well when she hallucinates Aman around her and he says to her I came here to bid you goodbye and to tell you not to cry anymore because now I can protect even after staying away from you.

Roshni gets up from the bed and says what rubbish are you talking? He says I have to go far away from you because that’s what is our destiny is all about. I was in the darkness of life which is there with me from the birth itself due to my father and then you came into my life and made it a beautiful, just like a dream. However, now time is here to break the dream and come back to reality. Roshni tries to stop Aman but before that he is vanished from there.

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Roshni tries to stop Aman but before that he is vanished from there. Roshni comes out of her room and notices all are doing the funeral of Aman and she is shocked to see all these. She asked everyone what they are upto and why all are giving up. Rubina says things are happening exactly in a way it should happen with a jinn. Aman was a jinn and now Jinn land light will come to take him home. Roshni is in denial still that Aman can die that easily. She says I am taking oath of our love, our moments of togetherness and our relationship that I will bring my Aman back to life. If a wife can not bring her husband to life then there is no point of doing so many rituals and process to perform as per our cultures. A wife should bring back the life of her husband back and if she can’t then everything is useless.

The world will see today there is no big power like love in this world and no war is bigger than a struggle of a wife for her husband. Aman fought with death 8 times for me so that he can save me 9th time. Now for his sake I have to fight with death at least once. She promises to Aman that she will take a toll on the entire world to bring him back to life at any cost. Rubina says I can stop the soul of Aman from going away and she prepares some mix herbs with the knowledge from the book and sprinkles it on Aman’s body and says it will be able to stop Aman soul to go away from us till the first star of the night comes on the sky. Dadi says what Roshni is trying to do is impossible.

Rubina says to all I have seen many things but the way Roshni loves Aman is rare and I feel she will be able to bring him back to life. Trust me this miracle will happen and I can feel it. Baby asks Salma to let Roshni know about her miscarriage but Salma says I can’t give her any more heartbreak.

Precap – Roshni is looking for Reyhaan and someone attacks Roshni from behind.