Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 11th February 2020 Written Update: Roshni hatches another plan to expose Alia

Episode begins with Aman and Roshni are conversing with each other in the room. Aman says to Roshni Alia just made a place in the house not in my heart. He said to her you are my heart and my family is my world. Both of them share a romantic moment with each other. Roshni shares the same with Farah and decides to expose Alia in front of the whole family and brings out her real side. Parveen is asking the entire family to go out of the house as time is running fast and no one is getting what she is trying to do.

Anjum says to all that we should obey the words of Parveen without saying anything. All the family members get into the car to leave while on the other side Roshni is working on her another plan to expose Alia and as per that she took away from the room and made Alia see her so that she can follow Roshni. Roshni calls Aman and asks him to come in the hall as she wants to make him witness the reality of Alia. Parveen noticed that Jinn is appearing in front of their house and she asks Aman to hurry up and leave the house as soon as possible.

However, Aman is heading to go to Roshni and left with no option, Parveen finally applies the magic of Rubina on Aman to protect him. Aliya sacrificed Zeher to prepare for her plan and she decides that I can use this saliva only once so I have to use it in a proper way.

The spirit of Aman was hidden in the cloud just like the last time when all the family members got rescued from Kabir with this process. The only thing left in the house is the shadow of Aman which is exactly looking like him and if by any chance Jinn takes away Aman from the house then he will be able to take away his shadow only and not Aman himself. However, due to Aman being the king of Jinnath, Parveen is feeling weak for applying some magic on him. She goes to her room with much difficulty and faints due to the after effects of doing magic on Aman.

Roshni throws that kid of Aliya in the air as she noticed the shadow of Aman in the hall and she thinks it is Aman himself. Jinn comes and takes away Aman with him while in the same time Roshni throws Amir in the air and Aliya saves his kid by flying in the air. Alia realised after sometime, that the kid just saved is not a real kid at all but a doll and Roshni literally trapped her in her plan.

However, Alia gets angry with Roshni and she is all set to attack her when Roshni noticed Aman is actually missing from the house and he missed the opportunity to see the real face of Alia. Roshni and Alia are all set to get into a warzone with each other.

Precap – Roshni attacks on Alia and Aman blamed her for killing Alia.