Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 11th March 2020 Written Update: Aman and his family again gets attacked by so many dangers.

Episode begins with Shehzaadi is asking everybody in different groups to enter in a room differently. Aman and Roshni didn’t agree for it at first but however all of them are scared to find out anything. Saima somehow lost the stone from her hand and she went out from below the table to picks out the stone from the floor.

So many dark clouds surrounded their house and the whole house suddenly becomes so dark and scary for everybody. Aman and Roshni are getting restless inside the room and they think that their family is in danger and Aman wants to go and save them but Roshni doesn’t allow him to go outside.

Anyways, Aman is somehow getting doubt on Laila as he is not convinced with her way of helping them. Saima suddenly noticed that does stone in her hand is glowing and before she can react to it she becomes a statue of ice. On the other hand, baby screams and call the family members there as she didn’t expect things like this to happen with Saima.

Chotu is trapped in tution classes as the other guy is approaching him and he tries his best to wake up the angel but she is sleeping inside the magical pot. Coming back to Junaid Bhawan, Roshni is arguing with Aman that he shouldn’t doubt Laila so much when she is only helping them. Aman says do you know her from earlier don’t you have any idea how she is or what she can do or she doesn’t? Then how we can be so confident that she is not causing us any harm and is genuinely being helpful.

Imran is flirting with Laila and he narrates the same story to Aman and Roshni. he says to them that Laila is very charming and beautiful and also very intelligent that she came all the way alone to save us and he also says that she told me to hide inside a cupboard. Aman again gets a doubt that if Laila is not with Imran during the other then where was she?

Roshni again reminds him that he shouldn’t doubt Laila without any concrete proof or base. Baby is in the basement and is trying to find out any clue when she notices the stone is glowing and she closes her eyes. Someone taps on her shoulder and returns and gets shocked to see but she already turned into an ice.

Aman says I am getting strong doubt on Laila as I feel she is the attacker only. Roshni again warns Aman not to doubt on Laila and to what she’s asking for. This time Aman didn’t stop and open the confronted Laila that you are not able to say was so I don’t think we should do what you are asking us to do. Laila says if anyone can save you all from the danger then that is only me and you people have to obey what I am asking for.

Precap – The family gets shocked to see the look-a-like of Laila, the princess of red moon.