Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 13th February 2020 Written Update: Differences occur between Aman and Roshni

Episode begins with Roshni is asking Parveen if she is fine or not? Parveen says I am freeing you from the promise of Aman. You are free to go now and also she noticed that the circle of Jinn fades away. She says to Roshni that the danger is now gone away and she can go to her mother now because she needs here’s more.

Alia gets up from her sleep and she decided that by the time Roshni will be back I will destroy and finish everything for her and Aman. Roshni leaves from the house and Parveen went up to drink water when she noticed Alia is standing behind her and she gets surprised to see so much wounds are on her body and face. She gets concerned for Alia and says what happened to you?

Alia says you don’t worry about me but worry about yourself that what is going to happen to you now?She attacks on Parveen and she falls on the floor at that time. Alia says that from now on Aman and Roshni can not be together forever. He is never going to forgive you and the love and relationship you share with him will die down the drain soon.

He will never forgive you and this is going to be the end of your love. She says that maybe I will never win from the power of love but there is one power which will stop the love from growing father and that is me, Haiwana. She says you to have to fall apart once again so that you people can never meet ever. For lifelong, you people will be away from each other. She says this tree has to go flourless once again as a proof of Aman and Roshni being apart from each other.

Aman gains consciousness and finds himself in his room. All the family members are with him and he told them that they are in the Black Jungle of Magic but now they are safe and in their own house. Aman comes down and is looking for Pravin and Roshni because he is not able to understand what happened between the time of he felt drowsy and coming back to sense to witness Roshni is attacking on Alia. He feels he needs to get the real truth out soon and suddenly he noticed that Pravin is lying on the floor lifeless and Roshni is nowhere to be seen.

The family members gets panicked and starts to call for Praveen to wake up but she is not in a state to wake up or look at them. Aman calls for Roshni but she is in the house of her mother and she gave away her bangle to the goons to save her from the humiliation and harrassment.

Aman and the family members to Pravin to the hospital while Aman is super angry and annoyed at Roshni for leaving her mother alone like that even after he handover the responsibility to her. Roshni accompanies to the hospital but he ignored her all the while as the recent happenings is keep coming back to his mind and he is not able to understand how to to cope up with all these?

The mother of Alia comes to the house of Aman and takes away Amir with her and says that area has so much trust on you people that in this house she will remain unaffected but I will not come it the same mistake hence I am checking away my grandson from here. I will make sure that he stays away from all of you lifelong.

Roshni comes to the house once again and tries to give justification for her actions but before she can speak anything Aman blast at her for leaving his his mother alone when he asked her not to go anywhere leaving alone Parveen.

Roshni says to Aman dad Alia cannot die as she can heal her wounds herself, women didn’t believe in her words and Roshni tries to seek help of Chotu. Due to the hypnotism of Zeher he already forgot what all happened with him that day and he denies to agree with any such incident. Roshni feels helpless and Aman berates her for being selfish, cruel and insensitive.

Precap – Aman throws Roshni out of the house and asks her never to come back even if he is dying.