Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th February 2020 Written Update: Aman throws roshani out of Junaid house

Episode begins with Roshni is trying to seek the truth from Chotu but he was nothing in his memory anymore due to the hypnotism of that snake. Aman asks Roshni why are you using a kid as your shield when you know that you are using a kid for your lies. Roshni tries to say the truth to Aman again and says maybe Chotu is hypnotized by the snake just like me.

Aman says you need to stick to one thing you are saying once that snake tries to attack on Chotu and then you are saying that that very snake tries to hypnotized Chotu I am not understanding what are you trying to say?Aman is asking ok I understand whatever you are saying let me believe everything that you are trying to say to me but what about my mother? Why she is in the hospital, what happened to her?

Roshni tries to open up about the tragedy that took place in her house with her mother but Aman is in no mood to listen to her. Anjum and the other family members are trying to say to Aman that Roshni can’t be wrong, you need to listen to her. However, Aman is not ready to listen and he just keeps on saying hurtful words to Roshni one after another.

Roshni again tries to make peace with him but he receives a call from the hospital informing him that Parveen slipped into coma and maybe she won’t ever come back from that. Come and get furious and Roshni and she says that I brought you from a small house to this big mention and completely changed your fate. However I am unsuccessful in changing your class and mediocre thinking.

My mum is to speak right that no matter what, the upbringing of a person will show their true colors for sure. Roshni gets dissolved in with this words but still she is trying to keep her cool but then Aman said to her that, whatever relation we had is over from now on and you will leave the house at this moment only.

Roshni and tries to make him understand but he says to her that don’t call me Khan baba I am the Aman Junaid Khan, never address me with that name again in life. Roshni says it is a matter between husband and wife and we will sort it out.

Aman says to her after doing all these things you still think we will remain husband and wife? If you think so then you are mistaken. He drags her out of the house and says not to step inside the house ever again. He says to her an even if I am dying someday, make sure that you don’t come. Roshni comes back home with her mother and she decides that it was her fault to give love another chance over her self respect.

Aman never treated her like an equal and that is why he keeps on insulting her time and again. Roshni says to Salma, if a man can not respect me for the person I am, then how will he love me so much? I am never going back to him ever.

Precap – The beast inside Aman makes an entry again.