Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th January 2020 Written Update: Aman and Roshni spent some quality time


Episode begins with Roshni is following the ring and goes in that direction while pretending to speak to Aman. Parveen comes out of the corner in open with magic on hand and Roshni comes from behind. Roshni says kids can be bad but a mother can never be wrong. However you?

You are the one who Aman loves the most. Parveen says in life you don’t get an answer for every question, just like I am wondering from a long time that why did Aman got married ? You are not even worth of him. Parveen says I want to throw you out of this house and the life of Aman.

Parveen says don’t forget that he will choose me among us always. Roshni shouts in the house and calls for Aman. She tries to confess to Aman about but everyone is not really ready to pay attention to her words and all of them think Roshni is not well that is why she is saying this.

Aman tries to come her down and says you must be tired let’s go upstairs and you should take some rest. Roshni goes with him when Parveen smirks that everyone is falling for her tricks. Roshni turns back while going upstairs and noticed Parveen ceases to Aman I want to say sorry your mother for behaving like this. Aman says you are such a nice person Rashni and he says I am waiting for you in the room.

Roshni gives challenge to pravin that she can try as much as she wants but she will never be able to keep Aman and Roshni away from each other. Parveen says I will make your love my weapon and will use it against you. Roshni comes to her room and sees it is beautifully decorated with so many lights.

She gets happy and excited and is looking at the lights when a man comes from behind and wraps his arms around her waist. He says that it is all arranged by him and Roshni gets excited to think that it must be there special night preparation. Aman gives Roshni some clothes by his magic and asks her to get ready.

Roshni says why are we getting ready in Sachin attire like we’re going to some snowfall areas. a man says come with me and both of them goes near the staircase of the house and Aman does magic and a whole house turned into a snowfall area around hillside. Roshni gets excited to see that almost a mini Switzerland is been created in her own house. she starts to enjoy the snow falls with Aman and both of them with romantic with each other and spend some quality time.

Parveen comes in the black jungle and ask for some poisonous seeds from a tree. A devil comes out from the tree and stands in front of Parveen. She promised that when I will become the king of this jinnat then I will free you from here. That devil gives what doing a handful of poisonous seeds and on the other side Roshni is enjoying with Aman and both of them are getting romantic with each other.

Parveen comes home and drop those seeds in the swimming pool. The seeds took a dangerous form of tree goes higher and almost crossed the height of the house is and goes higher than that. pravin smiles to see this while Aman and Roshni are so engrossed in each other and enjoying the moment.

Precap – Aman turns into a black Jinn

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